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June 14, 2022

Podcasts for Professionals to Listen to | George Koveos

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Listening to podcasts is both entertaining and informative. But there are so many to choose from. The following are ten great podcasts for professionals to listen to.

The Tip-Off

Are you interested in investigative journalism? The Tip-Off is a podcast that dives deep into following the stories of journalists and how they research their content. The podcast provides a different perspective and twists on what journalism has become today.

The Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Technology is everywhere, and it’s important to stay informed. On this podcast, tech entrepreneurs and thought leaders talk about new tech developments. From tech startups to the latest news in technology, the guests on this show will keep you updated in the tech world.

The Art of Charm

Professionalism and leadership are two skills that are needed in almost any career. This podcast provides tools and strategies to cultivate leadership skills. It helps with enhancing your influence and confidence in the professional world. No matter what level you are at professionally, this podcast is informative and provides tangible tools.

Style Your Mind

Women entrepreneurs are on the rise. The Style Your Mind podcast focuses on results-driven business tips for women in business. The guests on the show are all experts in their field. They provide mindset strategies and practical tools for advancement in both business and personal life. Make great strides and advance your business acumen with the Style Your Mind podcast.

The Engineering Career Coach Podcast

This is a must listen to podcast for all engineers. The Engineering Career Coach podcast is the top podcast that focuses on the careers and lives of engineers. There are over 150 episodes that include industry leaders discussing how they became successful in their careers. What makes the podcast unique is that they also infuse the balance of personal life with career achievement.

The Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain podcast is a mix of storytelling and innovative topics. The host of the podcasts takes high-level and intricate topics and makes them teachable by incorporating entertainment and relating the complex topics to everyday behavior. Although the topics can range from neurobiology to business, there is a place for every professional on this podcast.

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