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June 27, 2022

Using Shiatsu To Connect To Universal Energy And Your Higher Self: Your Power To Heal And Connect Is In Your Hands (Really)

We are the tool that we need to heal our bodies, hearts, and minds. You already have the power within you to do this, the missing piece is discovering where, how, and what you need to do with this power. We meditate and ask for guidance to our ancestors and old wisdom to the current cutting edge phenomenon, our ancestors already know, we just need to discover wisdom.

In shiatsu, we believe that there is an ocean of energy within all of our bodies that exist just below the navel; we call it Hara (Tan Den), Root Chakra. Since the Hara is said to be the center of our energy force, the tsubo calls ocean of energy (気海Ki Kai ) located on the Conception Vessel #6, is one of the most important acupuncture / acupressure points in the body.

it connects us to source energy as it is within us all, and is reflected all around us. While all of this remains true, that does not change the fact that we have to exist as human beings in the world and that can get tricky, to say the least. Try as we may be completely grounded all of the time, life always finds a way. We don’t frequently feel divinely connected to the universal source of energy, most of us barely feel connected to our own bodies! This is where shiatsu comes into play. By incorporating this Japanese practice into your existing spiritual routines, you can consciously and tangibly open the energetic meridians in your body that block energy flow and prevent this connection from happening.

One of the keys to staying rooted in your body, and the world around you, is to use the tangible world around you such as the heat and light you may feel from the sun, being mindful of your breath, and shiatsu pressure points (tsubos) along with the ephemeral. The intangible & invisible things become tangible by holding our own tsubos that connect us all are accessible and ready to rejoin your consciousness with the careful and thoughtful practice of self-shiatsu. In this case, all the tsubos you need are in your hands. Literally.

Move through these three pressure points that form a triangle on the inside of your hand as a precursor or means of prayer before you dive into any spiritual or wellness practice you may have. They are also subtle enough to do while in public that others will not notice your insecurity, your fear, your emotions and quickly come back to their own center, Hara, and you feel yourself slipping out of connection with yourself and your surroundings. They are here to help you help yourself and realign yourself with the positive, happy energy we’re all entitled to as humans in this world.

As you move through this cycle, apply as much pressure as you feel comfortable and breathe throughout. Hold for about a count of five, then relax. You can repeat it as many times as needed. Go at your own pace and remember to check in with yourself throughout.

Step One: Start with the pressure point known as the “Palace of Anxiety.” The Palace of Anxiety is in the center of your palm where the tip of your middle finger tucks in when you make a fist. This is the energetic, heart constrictor meridian, connected to the element of a small fire. When you feel anxious, it feels like a fire in your body that you can’t control. Most of the ailments we feel in our bodies come from trapped, stagnant energy. By moving energy through this tsubo, we can give that anxious fire room to move so it doesn’t feel so trapped in the body and the mind.

Step Two: Next, move to a tsubo known as “Meeting the Mountain.” In the skin between your index finger and thumb, you’ll feel a layer of tougher muscle. Squeeze the point in the middle of it and breathe. This energetic meridian is connected to your large intestine meridian, and is used to let the negative energy go and help your body get rid of all that doesn’t serve you. It’s connected to relieving constipation and toothaches and headaches, and now, we’ll be using it to expel the negativity that is keeping you from connecting with your higher self. This point is connected with the metal (air) element. As you breathe and apply pressure to this tsubo, imagine all of that anxiety leaving your body on your exhalation.

Step Three: Finally, move onto another important tsubo known as “the Gate of God,” part of the major fire element. Now that we’ve moved the anxious energy keeping us from being connected to our inner knowing and our power within and letting it all go, we can invite in a more positive energy. The Gate of God directly relates to your heart meridian that starts under your armpit and continues through your pinky fingertip. The part of your hand where the meridian meets your wrist, below your pinkie finger, is where the Gate of God exists. People used to pray at this point with their hands and wrists facing up to absorb the energy and heat from the sun, inviting in connection to source energy. Now, we can align with this energy flow by pressing, holding, squeezing, and releasing this pressure point.

The cyclical nature of moving through these pressure points is in itself soothing. Applying your spiritual, focused energy to grounding will connect you to the healing potential within you. It is empowering to task your emotional turmoil yourself. Feeling like you have a handle on your presence and how you show up in the world will allow you to consciously act in your life as your fully embodied self: harmonized, connected, and reunited with the source energy that connects us all.

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