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June 2, 2022

Where are my cool people?!

What the f*ck! I am still not driving around in a Landrover with this cool sexy grinning, tall, strong, handsome man of mine and that is fine! F*cking proud I am of myself to have come this far, ALONE, being single for 6 years, no thanks a lot, I don’t do online chats, keep it to yourself. But that’s not my point. I want to surround myself with cool people but the older you get, the rarer they become. I remember exactly the way I saw the adults from a child’s perspective when I was small. I found them pathetic and couldn’t understand why they make their lives so complicated for themselves. Do you remember seeing them this way? What’s their f*cking problem, I asked myself? Then from the timid childhood days, I crossed over quite abruptly to the rebellious and wild twenties and after that to the lonesome thirties. Not that I felt much lonely, I just became sick of society and felt different, misunderstood, like an outsider. Here is the crucial point and I assert that every single human being comes across such feelings at least once in a lifetime and what happens next is conformity, fitting in, people-pleasing, and following society’s rules and regulations. What for? Not to stand out!? What is the problem with standing out? I will answer this later. Here is the difference between me and many people, I was not able to adapt or shut up, I distanced myself to get a very clear picture of myself and to heal myself from the wounds and punishment for standing out that made me feel small. And so I found myself. This took me years and if you miss this out, if you miss out to be yourself, you become strange! A strange adult, happy on the outside, miserable on the inside. Now my strange days are over and I feel no more different. I just feel like myself. Everybody must be himself. But where are the cool people? Unfortunately, many people become boring with age and they blame it on their children or on society’s need to conform but that of course is just an excuse. Many others are absorbed in their daily struggles of not being themselves, not living the life they dreamt of as a child. I know that there exist many cool people out there but if you argue now that you are one of them but rare to find because you don’t like people, you are not cool because you think you are different, superior. You are not, and neither am I. Whatsoever, I am not looking for cool people in cool places, in groups for cool people or behind cool labels because it is uncool to limit yourself like this. Expect the unexpected when you are cool enough to be yourself. Anytime. Anywhere. No labels needed.

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