July 5, 2022

30 Good-Feeling Ways to Practice Self-Care Every Day.


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I’m not really a fan of the term “self-care.”

It usually makes me feel like whatever “self-care” is…should be something “extra.”

It’s like it is this extra special thing that we do for ourselves—but to me, “self-care” just means “taking care of ourselves.”

It means doing things we love, things that help us to feel awake, alive, energized, grounded, and connected to ourselves. They bring us joy.

“Taking care of ourselves” also includes “less glamorous” (to me) things like cooking, cleaning, and other “practical” things, but even these things I find more enjoyable if I’ve tended to what my heart really loves doing. For me, this means meditation, exercise, and spending time in nature. I feel happier, calmer, more grounded, and more connected to myself when I do these things.

I think it’s important that we know how to connect to ourselves—what things make us feel alive—and it’s important that we do those things, that we take care of ourselves.

I’m a better person when I meditate, exercise, and spend time in nature. I feel more centered, more focused, and in general, better able to handle whatever comes my way. If I have taken care of these wants and needs for myself, then I find I’m more open and flowing with the people around me and less disturbed when my “ideal” plans don’t go the way I’d intended.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked this question on one of our social media pages:

“What are some of your daily self-care needs?”

Here are 30 good-feeling ways to practice self-care every day, from Elephant readers:

1. “Coffee. My dog. A lack of people in my space. Fresh air. Music. Driving. Writing.” ~ Jennifer

2. “Lately, pool time when the weather is good and I have time for it. One of the things that helps relieve stress. I also like being out in nature and meditation helps.” ~ Jess

3. “Sleep, shower, food & the best company. And learning not to stress stuff.” ~ Steven

4. “Taking space, showering after work to wash the day off, turning off my phone, having the best pillows in the world, and a comfortable well-made clean bed to crawl into after a long day.” ~ Nikki

5. “Watering my balcony garden plants, morning tea with devotional songs/prayers, Gratitude Journaling.” ~ Geeta

6. “Sleep. Naps. Exercise, preferable outdoors. Swim. Wine. Talking to family or friends. Doing something creative. Eating well.” ~ Betsey

7. “A half-hour alone in the morning. (That’s why I get up at 5:30.) A few minutes of quiet after work to decompress. And some downtime in bed with the door shut before I go to bed. It might not be much but it’s enough for me right now with 3 kids, my guy and 2 dogs!!!” ~ Jenna

8. “Walking the dogs and eating well when I can. Makes me feel better.” ~ Ashton

9. “I start my day with a book and a coffee, and a few minutes to write in my journal – that’s whether I work from home or at the office. Then I head to the gym during my lunch hour. Or after work. But my gym time is non-negotiable.” ~ Dan

10. “Quiet time, creative time, reading time, song, dance, joy. Also physical stuff like making sure I eat regularly and get adequate sleep and rest, but those first things make everything else feel much more natural, so I’d argue they do more for me than the more ‘practical’ self-care things lol.” ~ Aimée

11. “Morning tea and wordle in silence.” ~ Tracy

12. “Brush my teeth, my dogs, my garden, not a lot of people, good coffee, and a peaceful mindset.” ~ Gaye

13. “Coffee, My Dog, Music, Read the paper, Meditate in a quiet space.” ~ Dorothy

14. “Sun, unplugging, bird watching, checking in on my body and honoring my needs. You’d be surprised of how many ppl hold their bathroom needs. Just go. Honor your body for goodness sake.” ~ Ronny

15. “Personal hygiene, me time (meditation and work out), kindness and a smile.” ~ Julian

16. “I need to be outside for at least part of the day, preferably in nature, gardening or at my allotment. Morning coffee. Hanging out with my dog, usually encompassing the outside bit. A workout. Vegetables. Lots of water. A swim if I’m lucky.” ~ Emma

17. “Walking on the beach in the evening. Wonderful therapy.” ~ Debbie

18. “Take breaks from humans (outside in the fresh air is best), creative release (could be poetry, art, cooking…), focus on breathing, focus on gratitude and the things I see as positives rather than dwelling on the what ifs and what I perceive as negative.” ~ Patricia

19. “Painting, photography, gardening, cooking…looking up into the sky for sunsets…” ~ Jane

20. “Time with the fur babies, skin care, brush teeth, do a good deed.” ~ Donna

21. “Coffee, work in garden, or with plants in house, read, have afternoon tea, walk, spiritual time.” ~ Deeanne

22. “Showering, hugging my husband and kids and dog, walking, watching the sunrise, reading, glass of red wine, cross stitching, Diamond painting, black coffee. Sparkling water, talking to my mum, a good sleep.” ~ Jacqueline

23. “Coffee, walks, and prayer.” ~ Robert

24. “Uninterrupted morning stretch, 1 cup of coffee in the morning and late afternoon, cat and dog cuddles, a little something sweet to eat in the evening.” ~ Alexander

25. “Air, outside, smiles, food, water, yoga, intelligent thoughts, time alone, creative time, walking (not every day), laughter, close relationship(s) that I love and they love.” ~ VJ

26. “My Bible time, prayer, take care of my plants indoors and out, take care of my indoor cats and outdoor stray cats and kitties…And enjoy fresh air and sun out on my swing…” ~ Angela

27. “Laughing.” ~ KasSandra

28. “Tea, hot/cold with local honey yum. Sunshine for my mood. Swimming. Being outside. Good book. Hot bath end of day with lavender/melatonin. Not answering my phone.” ~ Lora

29. “Self-contentment, walk, enough sleep, proper nutrition.” ~ Samina

30. “Coffee and time away from everyone else.” ~ Steve


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