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July 24, 2022

But You saw the falling light

Photo by Serkan Bayraktar on Pexels.

Lying beneath the night

On blankets pieced together

To keep us from the dampness

But not nearly enough

from the bugs

We reclined under an October sky

full of lights

And peace

full of life

With memories from a day spent laughing,

drinking wine,

exploring your town

By the warmth of a fire

We were satisfied


~ in listening to the sound of your voice

I missed the first of the falling stars that night

Distracted by the moment of just being there with you


how I could make the time

last longer

forever even

But You saw the falling light

And wished ~

I determined to see the next

And when it fell

I wished as well

One I will keep close to my heart

One I will whisper in your ear

On the day it comes true

The thought of it

makes me smile

The Magic in you.

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