July 13, 2022

How to Maintain our Dream for Peace Despite the Violence, Wars & Injustices in the World.

You know the saying, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?”

Sticks and stones did break my bones. Every name the kids in school called me for belonging to a minority religion did hurt my loving soul. Deeply.

The good news is that I have used that pain to create my life’s work.

As a singer, composer, and recording artist, circling around the universe are my songs of peace, love, justice, and inclusion. As an author, circling around the universe are my motivational books on peace, self-esteem, manifesting dreams, creativity, love, inner happiness, and hope.

My Facebook community, “Shift of Heart,” satisfies my emotional need to connect with like-minded people. As an intuitive life coach, I love helping each perfectly imperfect person look within to discover the beauty of who they are, and I also love creating an energy field of acceptance, safety, love, and peace.

Shift of Heart” is an island of peace, and I would love to have you join us.

I have always been an introspective loner who has the ability to be a gentle and strong leader. I have felt like “the other” and different all my life, but along the way, I learned to use my uniqueness and gifts from the universe to raise consciousness and walk the path of love, peace, and hope.

Yes, hope. I know it’s hard to have hope these days.

The war in Ukraine breaks my heart. Gun violence in the Un-United States of America breaks my heart. Everything is breaking my heart lately, but I won’t allow myself to sink into the darkness.

How do I maintain my dream for peace despite the violence, wars, and injustices? I never let go of my vision for a better world. I never give up. No matter what. I also take time to doinner work.”

Inner work is spiritual work and serves as a catalyst for more moments of inner peace. It is quiet activism from inside-out, and each positive action step we take to maintain optimism, self-belief, faith, trust, and hope will heal the part of your spirit that feels discouraged.

Here are the inner activism exercises I do to help uplift my tired spirit:

>> I take time to put my hand on my heart chakra, stop the madness of the world, and simply inhale and exhale for a while. Deeply and slowly.

>> I return to the present moment and breathe in all of nature’s beauty. It has the power to heal my weary soul.

>> I center myself, ring my sound healing chakra bowls, and consciously use my mind and heart to send vibrations of peace, love, light, and healing into myself, vibrations of peace, love, light and healing into other people—including those who aren’t my cup of tea—and vibrations of peace, love, light, and healing into the world.

>> I recite “the metta meditation prayer of loving-kindness” morning and night.

>> I invite nature, music, writing, introspection, and meditation to be a large part of my transformational toolbox.

>> I constantly visualize what a planet of collective caring and loving consciousness could look like.

>> I create positive power words. My motto is “change your words to change your life.”

 Positive Affirmations for Inner Peace and Peace in the World

>> “I am a beacon of light, love, and peace.”

>> “I have the power to make a difference in the world and to define who I am.”

>> “Every moment is a new beginning of hope.”

>> “Peace begins with me.”

>> “I shift my mind and heart from fear to love.”

If you need an extra boost of hope, peace, creative soul food, and spiritual nurturing, here is an inspiring and catchy peace song, a free world peace event, and a powerful peace poem.

>> Song:One Planet.” I am the composer and singer of this piece, and it is sung throughout the world. Sing along with me—in tune or out of tune. Breathe in possibility, diversity celebration, and oneness.

>>World Peace Event: Humanity’s Golden Peace—An Entry to the Age of Global Consciousness. October 9, 2022, at 11 a.m. PDT. This is a free Virtual World Peace Event, created and hosted by The Visioneers International Network. It is based in Vancouver, Canada. I am honored to be a member of this group, and the “One Planet” song will be sung that day by a children’s choir, an adult choir, and the audience, both in Vancouver and virtually. Founders, Visioneer dreamers, and creators: Dr. Geraldine Schwartz and Dr. Desmond Berghofer.

>> Poem:My Dream for Peace.” For dessert, breathe in the power words of my poem, “My Dream for Peace,” into your heart chakra. Each power word will bring hope back into your spirit and inspire you to never let go of your own dream for peace.


My Dream for Peace

 Imagine: A Day will come when those who have the power to
destroy the world suddenly feel a transformational shift in their
hearts to save the world.

 Believe: A Day will come when every heart on earth opens to
the healing energy of love, kindness, compassion, empathy,
diversity celebration and peace.

 Dream: A Day will come when no one is ever judged again
based on their color, race, religion, creed, nationality, gender,
age, ability, social status or sexual orientation.

 Trust: A Day will come when we see each other through the
warm eyes of love.

Rejoice: A Day will come when the Statue of Liberty stands tall
once again and greets all humanity back to its shores with love.

Envision: A Day will come when the world chooses to cooperate,
collaborate, and do what is best for the well-being of the collective

Care: A Day will come when we realize how important it is to
stop our busy lives and listen to each other’s feelings, thoughts
and life experiences without judgment. We will simply listen
from a place of love.

Visualize: A Day will come when conflicts are resolved through
nonviolent solutions, empathic listening, common ground
compromise, and the healing power of love.

Celebrate: A Day will come when a healing light shines through
and around mother earth and the whole world makes a conscious
decision to stand for love, unity, justice, equality and peace.

You can find “My Dream for Peace” in my book, Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good, Chapter Nine.


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