July 6, 2022

How to reverse our exploitative momentum—and have fun doing so! ⁠

How to save & serve our World, & have fun doing so. It’s simple (but not easy): care, while caring about yourself, too.

We love dogs…and kill and torture chickens, cows, pigs without caring.⁠

Climate change is real…but we’re not offsetting our flights, or voting like we mean it (40% of Americans bother to vote).

We feel guilty or angry…but don’t act to heal or fix. Or worse, we avoid thinking about it or reading the news, sticking our figurative heads in the proverbial sand.⁠

I feel heartbroken or low-level frustrated constantly, and yet manage to enjoy a caring community and a wonderful life. How? Daily meditation helps. Taking care of myself helps. 

So: can you, too, break your heart open and feel, if you don’t already? Can you, can we, act? Yes, we can.

And our world depends upon our doing so. The sixth extinction is here.

Let’s reverse our exploitative momentum—and have fun doing so! ⁠

Comment and I’ll reply to every one: what’s one thing you love doing out of caring? ⁠

It’s hip these days to say individual actions don’t add up—that only corporations are driving climate change, say. But who drives demand? That’s right: me. You. Us. So whatever small thing you say below—thank you! Hurrah! It does help—and it inspires self and others (you inspire me).

And together, we can steer corporations’ priorities and nurture a kind planet. ⁠

I just recorded a podcast/video on just this dilemma on Elephant’s Talk Show page.

Here’s 31 little things we can all do, this month, one a day.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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