August 5, 2022

Aquarius Full Moon: Envisioning a New Creation. {August 11}

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


“Change takes courage. We must be willing to let go of what we have known, and bear uncertainty, whilst we explore new possibilities and eventually evolve into a new way of being.” ~ Alana Fairchild


Anyone who has embarked upon great, revolutionary, rebellious, against-the-grain kind of change knows what it takes to do so. A hell of a lot of courage mixed with utter madness to know on some level of our being that there is something far greater for us than we ever would have previously believed there to be.

This is Aquarius. The visionary. The seeker of disruptive yet deeply liberating change. This is the energy we have been cultivating collectively and individually whether we consciously know it or not. Call it pandemic. Call it life throwing us into a tizzy. Call it chaos. Call it loss. Call it health/life/relationship/job crisis. Call it utter collapse of solidity and faulty structures beneath our feet. These past few years have been chock-full of this disruptive energy, yet the more we fight it, the more we suffer.

That’s the irony of change. The more we resist, the more pain we experience. Needless pain, too. The more we fight what it is we know on some level we need to let go of, the greater the inner conflict and perhaps outer chaos we experience. Life is so wise in this way, and so loving, even if it feels like we are being stripped down to the bare bones of a new form, a form we don’t even recognize in the mirror anymore—because we have changed on such deep levels, and parts of our being and psyche are still catching up to this new vibration and energy. We have shed parts of self, old, outdated energies, and we are still in the process of that. We don’t ever reach the finish line until we take our last breath.

The energies on the planet these days are intense, and we don’t get to just check out anymore because the energies within us are stirring deeply too. We are being churned cellularly, from the inside out and outside in. Fun? Not really. Meaningful and full of purpose? Absolutely. And we were made for these times, on a soul level. It’s just the human learning and remembering its own strength of spirit and how to let go.

We are approaching more shifting energies as we move into the month of August and the second half of this year. We just had a potent, powerful, and igniting conjunction on August 1, among Uranus, Mars, and the North node in Taurus. This conjunction is noted as the most powerful amplification of energy of the whole year. And its energies have been building for some time now and will continue to play out throughout the rest of 2022.

Uranus is the disrupter, the liberator, the-didn’t-see-that-coming type of energy—here to break us free from our own bullsh*t. And, even spiritual, energetically attuned folk, have a lot of that. We have blocks, resistances, and weak points no doubt.

Mars is the energy of the warrior, passion, vigor to get our butts into gear, get us moving forward with the changes that are here for us, and right on time.

The north node is our fate, our destiny, where we are going next. In Taurus, we are being deeply invited to get real on our security, on our foundations, and what we are building that’s actually going to sustain our future selves. This conjunction is fated. It wants to break us free from something, to disrupt the status quo, and to get us to where we need to be, individually but also collectively.

The collective is Aquarius. Ruler of this potent full moon landing on August 11 at 9:36 p.m. EST at 19 degrees of the air sign, Aquarius energy is the energy we all need to remember who we truly are and who we have been becoming these last few years. Ruled by Uranus, it’s the rocket fuel we need to burst our comfort zones wide open. To liberate us from our own shackles. Also ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is here to set new foundations based on stability and innovation. Saturn is the serious father, the responsible, take-no-bullsh*t energy.

This full moon will be making a conjunction to Saturn as well, where it has been retrograde in the sign of Aquarius since June. It brings us a heavy dose of reexamining the structures of our lives and—with Uranus as a ruler of the full moon also—breaking free and breaking down the ones that are no longer working for us. Destruction and creation. Kali Ma fire energy to deconstruct all that is faulty and phony. And, yeah, she doesn’t play around, and yet, her energy is the deepest love we could possibly imagine, the love of the mother to get us out of our own way, even if it f*cking hurts. Because she knows we were made for so much more than what we’ve been creating and perpetually looping in trauma cycles of pain, chaos, suffering, and turmoil.

The energy of creation is igniting us to look at the vision of what we want moving forward, and does that vision truly involve all of who we are now? This is Leo energy. The sun has been in the sign of Leo, its home ruler, for a few weeks now, asking us to look at our creation energy, to remember how innately and interwoven this energy is within the fabric of our beings. We are creating every day. Whether we do it consciously or not, that is the better question.

Creation energy is always available to us; we just have to open to it and become the clear vessel for it. Open, porous, malleable, and adaptable. Fluid and in faith of who and what we are. Leo energy has been inviting us to find more creative channels again, to create for the pure joy of creation itself. This doesn’t mean you need to be a formal artist but to create your day as if it were a masterpiece of god/dess, because it is, and so are you. To create that nourishment and meal with so much gratitude and love that it can’t help but nourish you and your cells with so much vitality and love.

Simultaneous to this creation energy is the destruction. But, we know now, a little bit better, the truth of how strong we are, how much strength we have cultivated through all these death cycles. And, no it’s not been easy. But we are so much stronger for it. No doubt about that.

This full moon in Aquarius is asking us to expand beyond limitation of mind. To tune into the higher frequencies of the Aquarian energy that we are ready to integrate into who we are now. Aquarius is an air sign but bearer of water. Connected to the higher mind of vision and truth. Connected to the emotional waters of the planet and how we can collectively work as one mind to heal the world.

On some level, we can feel what it is we need to cut ties with. We may be fighting and resisting it. We may be two steps forward into the heart and truth of love and one step backward into the fear. It’s all so valid and a part of this human process. We remember and then we forget again.

But, this change doesn’t have to be scary. We are more than ready and equipped for the new to come in—for us to claim more of our abundant and sovereign energy. We can feel the new energies awakening in our being. But it’s not a smooth process either. The road feels a little bumpy, like going out into the woods, driving down an unmarked road with rocks and bumps along the way. We have been preparing on an energetic level, but our human selves are still remembering how to trust. How to trust life. How to trust the self even more. Because we were made to ride these waves.

And, what we can do is tend deeper to the self-remembering of how to care for all its energy and bodily self in the process. To tend to the nervous system that has been in a state of fight/flight/freeze/fawn for eons. To remember that the nervous system is the very crux of the healing work we came here to do. That by healing the nervous system out of the trauma response, the body, health, and our being can’t help but shift and vibrate into a higher plane so that all other pathogenic, parasitical, darker, fear-based energies can’t help but slough off us naturally and easefully. Yeah, maybe it gets to be that simple. Not easy, but simple.

Aquarius energy invites us to step out of our own cages of self-belief, of false identity, of hidden identity to who we truly are. What vision is calling to us that is fully honoring of our individuality? That is where we need to continue to align to and take clear, concrete steps toward building our life around. And with Saturn in the mix, it’s not an immediate process. It’s slow and steady. Uranus breaks us free. Saturn helps us build.

Chiron energy (the Wounded Healer) is a bit at play here too, still retrograde and in the sign of Aries. This is a supportive energy of healing that can come from our courage to make the changes we know we need to make. The full moon supports this healing and stepping deeper into the self-empowerment of Aries energy, to ask us to shift and claim the “I” we are now. Because we needed to see the wounds of the false self in order to know how to strengthen the authentic self again.

We get to bring more of this fullness of self to the table now. To our relations. To our work space. To our creations. To our communities. To all parts of our world. Because that is who is needed now at this time. Not the you you were 10 years ago, not even five, two, or one year ago, or even an hour ago, but the you you are now. And you don’t need to shame, belittle, or look down upon the “you’s” of the past, because they were the needed to become who you are now. So honor them—with great reverence, acknowledgment, and deep devotion. All part of the whole.

And Aquarius is here to remind us of that wholeness. Of the mosaic of self. All parts of self are welcomed at the table of our offering and devotion to this one, precious life. Because this life is all we have, even if we have lived others. The you you are now has gotten you through unimaginable pain and suffering. And yet you still doubt your strength.

If you knew without a shadow of a doubt that the blood and energy of the divine runs through you, would you ever for one second doubt your ability to make it through the upheavals of life? Because that is the truth. And we are all here to reflect that truth back to one another.

So, what are we envisioning now in this next creation? What structures do we need to build? And, could we possibly believe that we don’t have to do it alone either? We get to be a part of our individuality as much as we do the collective experience of being human—if only for a short time. Such a gift. Such a beautifully challenging, oftentimes painful, yet glorious offering to life for us to be here and remember how to be alive and choose to create more beauty and life through us as the embodiment of love we are remembering ourselves to be.

Let this full moon bathe you in deep permission to let go. To let go of the fear that wasn’t ever yours to carry forward. To release the heavy burdens of the painful past. To break free of limitations of self-made identity. To feel the fear and make the change anyway. To be easeful on the self unlearning thousands of years of fear programming and forgotten remembrance of its true strength and nature. To envision a new creation that’s so fully you and supported by all of Life. To not have to do anything more than breathe deeply, tend to the heart of your inner Creatrix, and set that part of you free. To know in your bones and cells that you never needed permission to be free.

You never needed external safety and security to feel safety within. The only thing you ever needed and need was and is your own love. From your heart to your own beating, pulsating heart. Not shut off from the love around you but coming from the wellspring and source of love itself, an ever-flowing river within you. Never without. Always traveling with.

So travel with more of you. Let more of you be here. Let more of you come alive, because what else are we here for if not to be alive? And let life be lived more through you.

And envision a whole new world built on the foundation of love, eternal, unbounded and unrestricted to time and space.

As beloved spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn would say, we always deserve more love not less, especially in times of awakening and change. So let yourself change out of love for love.

“True wisdom is sensing the next big step your ego isn’t ready for and doing it anyway in the name of your highest evolution. Your ego will never be ready. You have to be wiser than the patterns within you.” ~ Matt Kahn 


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