September 30, 2022

Deadline reopened for one moment.

I’ve reopened the deadline to join Elephant Academy‘s Fall 2022 session—briefly, so we can add a few more good humans and gain a quorum. ~ Waylon Lewis

Sometimes hesitation is a good thing. It’s a moment of mindfulness and a sign of careful decision making.

Sometimes, however, thinking “maybe someday” or “I’ll do it next time” takes us through all our lives. Sometimes, to make a change, we actually have to make a change. Listen to your voice.

In Buddhism, we say, have confidence to go beyond hesitation:

I’ve re-opened enrollment for Find your Voice until midnight, tonight.

This is your last call to go beyond that hesitation, and lean into a little unknown. That’s where the fun stuff is, the fresh air.

Join me and other mindful lifers from around our world in finding your voice, learning tools to write genuine stuff that connects through catharsis, and celebrating real change, together, by taking a leap into something new.

We’ve held this affordable, challenging, life-changing online training for 10+ years. It’s the most fulfilling and fun thing we get to do.

>> Start your dream work of writing (or, just write). We’ll help you figure out what it is, if you don’t already know. It can be poetry, essays, memoir, fiction, stories, articles.
>> Find your voice and learn to connect and grow your audience, genuinely. 
>> Publish on the world’s largest independent mindfulness website.
>> Enjoy weekly live trainings with Waylon Lewis, in our caring worldwide community.
>> Write your heart out for 6 weeks with the guidance and support of peers, mentors, editors, and Waylon in Elephant Academy—it’s cathartic, it’s (re)inspiring, and your voice, when lit up, can truly help to serve our wonderful world.

Applications close for good tonight, Friday, at midnight.


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