October 3, 2022

How to Connect with the Sensual Superpowers of the Wild Woman Archetype: A Rite of Passage. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with The Feminine—they’re dedicated to providing women with resources to help reconnect with our sacred sensuality and divine feminine nature. We’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.

I’ve long wanted to feel like an initiated woman.

I sometimes still feel like an angsty adolescent wondering why everything seems to come so gracefully to women my age or even younger, while evading me.

I’ve longed to grow my self-esteem and to love and cherish myself like the poised women I admire. I’ve yearned to bring ritual into my daily life—specifically those based in ancient wisdom. I’ve craved a circle of awakened friends supporting each other in deepening our feminine intuition.

I’ve been looking for a more activated and present experience of being a woman.

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In Ancient Greece, initiated women were called Hetaira.

They were the perfect expression of the Wild Woman archetype. Not so much because they fully owned their free sexuality, but because they also owned their free spirit.

Their feminine power and allure didn’t come from relying on someone, but from relying on their own refined education, creative genius, and open heart.

If part of reclaiming our feminine heritage requires the willingness to step into our power, enjoy our beauty, shine our light, and exude radiance, then where do we start on that path when we feel shrouded beneath the seemingly never-ending layers of loneliness and unworthiness?

Oana Stoianovici, founder of The Feminine, an organization that teaches a process that helps women connect with the Divine Feminine power within, created her Rite of Passage into the Mature Feminine workshop for women like us who have been searching for initiation into mature womanhood.

In her 5-day Wild Woman Sacred Initiation, she’s offering a taste of her full program through a guided exploration of the Wild Woman Archetype and the rituals and practices we can use to bring her strengths to life within us.

I got a sneak peek, and let me tell you: this is everything I’ve been looking for and then some. Because, what I wasn’t expecting to hear was the term “cosmic orgasm” when discussing the Wild Woman’s traits and abilities.

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Are you ready to embody the Wild Woman?

If you’ve ever felt blocked, ashamed and fearful to express your sexuality, the energy of the Wild Woman is the medicine that you’ve been dreaming of.

She knows her body and, more importantly, listens to its needs and desires, always responding to it with presence.

For the Wild Woman, the body is an instrument of perception and pleasure, a vessel of communication with both her inner realms and the outer world.

This strong connection with the body expands into another dimension of the Wild Woman: exploring life through sexual energy, which, by the way, is not (only) sex, but vital force energy, stamina, and creative power—power that you can use to create and manifest your highest divine gifts.

She is the living expression of unleashed energy, instinct, intuition, and passion. Represented by the goddesses Kali and Durga (also known as Shakti) in Oana’s exploration of the archetype, the Wild Woman represents simultaneous death and rebirth, or an ability to infinitely redefine ourselves. She inspires individuality and courage and is the energy that “makes things possible,” whether we’re talking about conceiving babies, creating relationships or manifesting business projects.

In short, she’s everything most women strive to be—while most might not know it.

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In Oana’s Wild Woman Sacred Initiation, we establish a direct connection with our inner Wild Woman. But, spoiler alert, we’ve got a little work to do before we can form a bond. Because like a rose bud, it takes the opening of a few tender layers of petals before we can explore the centered space where the Wild Woman lives.

The search for our Wild Woman & where it begins.

The Wild Woman Sacred Initiation serves as a way to begin to create and live our story of love, passion, and intimacy, despite our seemingly insurmountable cycle of feeling increasingly hurt, betrayed, and separated from our desires.

During the journey, we first connect with the energy of the divine feminine and our womb before slipping into the realm of the two primary archetypes that can help us unearth our freedom, passion, sensuality, and a sense of healthy, integrated sexuality—the Inner Adolescent and the Wild Woman.

As we move out of operating from the energy of the Inner Adolescent and into the vibrational frequency of the Wild Woman, the shift toward feminine maturation becomes palpable within us.

The Importance of getting to know our Inner Adolescent, first.

Vinícius Estevão/Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-woman-wearing-blue-dress-2096503/

For decades, I pretended the younger parts of myself were non-existent—specifically my Inner Adolescent. She was just so…awkward!

But if we wish for our capacity for passion, unbridled sensuality, and full-bodied expression to unfurl from a tightly bound bud into a rose in full bloom, we need to devote our attention to building a relationship with our Inner Adolescent.

We all have our wounds that get in the way of a healthy relationship with our whole self. I, for one, suffered a deep childhood abandonment wound that was reopened at 13, entered into a grooming situation and was assaulted that same year, and had alcoholic parents that were emotionally unavailable to me. I grew up too quickly.

For that reason, getting in touch with my Inner Adolescent has been something I’ve actively avoided. Her needs are, shall we say, abundant, and when she expresses them, they’re generally loud and rebellious—everything I strive not to be as a “woman.”

But when I first got acquainted with The Feminine, I quickly learned how important a relationship with my Inner Adolescent is to growth and maturation—and how powerful her presence can be in uncovering the woman I yearn to be.

If you’ve ever felt blocked, ashamed or fearful to express your sexuality, the energy of the Wild Woman is the medicine>>

How to explore the gifts of the inner adolescent

Many of us can recall our teen years and, whether we expressed ourselves outwardly or not, can recall how we wanted to put ourselves out there.

If it wasn’t outwardly expressed, there was inner rebellion and sexual curiosity swirling beneath our surface like a nebula of stars waiting to give birth to a galaxy of a woman.

If you find ourselves in the lines of this article today, it’s possible that galaxy never made it out and is still waiting within you. And in that case, welcome to the healing and coming of age of your Inner Adolescent. Her upcoming evolution is the fundamental gesture that gives us access to the mature feminine.

Why? When balanced and positively activated, she is the spark of our charisma and the archetype through which we define our sensuality and access the freedom of the spirit.

She’s also the part of our psyche that, when out of balance or ignored, can easily fall prey to unrealistic fantasies and expectations that can lead us into confusion, and keep us from leading our lives with power and clarity, stuck in a vicious circle from which we can’t break free.

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In Oana’s Wild Woman Sacred Initiation, we begin to teach our Inner Adolescent how to feel validated, empowered, and able to support us in the art of sensuality and feminine empowerment. We explore our body and our sensuality. We connect with our Inner Adolescent, heal her wounds, and through that, open to rewriting our story around femininity, sensuality, and sexuality.

In that sense, our relationship with this archetype serves as the first gateway to that cosmic, full-body orgasm and balanced sexuality that embodying the Wild Woman Archetype can facilitate. As we remove the chains that have bound her, she begins to stretch into release.

Where do you feel your wounds bubbling up or restraining you? Start observing your wounds as it pertains to:

>> Family and the relationship to our parents
Begin thinking about the emotional dynamics that were modeled to you. Can you see where your current way of being reflects that in ways you feel are inauthentic according to the voice of your Inner Adolescent?

>> Society, our relationship with community, and our sense of belonging
Look for feelings of not belonging, moments you’ve compared yourself or felt inadequate, or invalidated.

>> Creativity and our inner gifts
Can you recall a time when your gifts felt minimized or, worse, useless?

>> Our relationship with our physical body and our sensuality.
Recall the instances where your sexuality felt impeded by something or someone, where you were made to feel as if something were wrong with your desires.

When we identify the stories we’ve told ourselves or that others bred in us in our adolescence, we can begin to re-parent that angsty teen looking for individuality so that she may become a full-bodied expression of her authentic self.

And when we’re ready to take the gentle fall, we relinquish into…

The Embodiment of the Wild Woman

Diego Sanchez/Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/HKFedNY4I9k

Like a crown of daisies, the archetypes of the divine feminine – The Inner Girl, The Inner Adolescent, The Inner Virgin, The Wild Woman, The Queen-Mother, The Wise Woman, build upon each other to create a tender chain of connectivity. Each archetype serves as the foundation for the next.

As we continue to align with our most foundational archetypes, we unleash the energy trapped behind each suppressed emotion and trauma and reveal the light and energy associated with each archetype, becoming whole and embodied.

Oana’s Wild Woman Sacred Initiation gives us the supportive techniques and tools to connect with our inner Wild Woman through guided rituals that help us:

The breath is the portal through which we awaken the Wild Woman within us. With the breath, we activate our body and make room for our entire being to better absorb all that is present within and around us.

>>Connect with our senses
When we gaze, touch, listen, feel, and sniff, with intention, we develop a deeper relationship with perception, which opens us to the most sacred realm of the Wild Woman’s pleasure.

>>Sacred touch
When we touch and move our body with ritualistic intent, that touch and that movement become sacred. Sacred touch helps us to connect with and channel the energy of the divine feminine.

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The breathwork, guided meditations, and physical activations provided in the Wild Woman Sacred Initiation penetrate our whole being—mind, body, soul, and spirit, so that we can birth ourselves into existence as the Wild Woman.

When we do, all becomes heightened—our compassion, our joy, and yes, our sensuality too. With practice, we can feel our senses and intuition unfurl just a little more each day.

And finally, when we’ve healed and have done the work day after day, we just might (as in literally maybe) so strongly embrace our Wild Woman that we’ll let go of the mind and fully tap into the primal pleasure of an intimate moment—one that expands beyond the bodies, the skin, and into the energy that surrounds us from head to toe.

This is key to experiencing not just a joyful life, but an ecstatic one whether commanding in the boardroom, creating in the bedroom, or cultivating our feminine being in the bath—connecting with and exuding the Wild Woman’s energy.

It’s the ultimate form of feminine self-actuation.

Throughout history the Wild Woman has been burnt and locked down by the patriarchal establishment who wanted women to be “nice” and “mind their own business.” But it is now time to escape the patriarchal grasp.

Are you ready to acknowledge your needs at a more intimate level than ever before? Are you ready to establish healthy boundaries and inspire respect through your mere presence?

It starts with the belief that you deserve to be healed, you deserve to feel full-body pleasure, centered wholeness, and that.

Take your first steps toward ecstatic existence with the Wild Woman Sacred Initiation, or, if you’re ready to dive in deep, take on the full Rite of Passage into the Mature Feminine.

The world deserves the best of you and your unique, divine gifts, yes. But most importantly? Most importantly, you deserve the best of you—unbridled, illuminating, vibrational you.

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