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October 4, 2022

October 9th’s Full Moon & Your Sun Sign Element: Here’s What You Need To Know

It’s a fiery moon in Aries, and it’s here to help you get sh*t done. 

In 1999 I had just gone through a bad breakup and moved home to my parent’s house. As I lamented where things went wrong, I would sit on their back patio, in the heat of the long summer nights and then in the cool fall air, looking to the full moon for answers.

During that time, the moon and I had a lot of conversations, and more often than not, in its fullness, it would signal down for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get it together. 

I respected the full moon then and still do to this day because its very nature is to help you be more visible, create impact, and for the love of all things holy, get off your couch and take action.

The October full moon is no different, and because it’s in the sign of Aries, it’s got an extra fire to help you take action. 

Let’s break it down.

According to the trusty Farmer’s Almanac, the October Full Hunter’s Moon rises in the sky on October 9th at 4:54 ET. 

As it rises, it will be in the sign of Aries, which means you’ll be full of ideas, and energy —  nothing will phase you. You’ll also get your to-do lists done in new ways and release the stalling you experienced during the last Mercury Retrograde. 

As you gear up for the Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries, here’s what you need to know for your Sun Sign element.

AIR SIGNS [Libra, Gemini, Aqarius] 

During this full moon, you’ll start (or re-start) relationships, incorporate new ideas into your creative processes, and break away from the shadow side of self-sabotage. This is a time of renewal and movement. You’re a phoenix from the flames, and reinvention will be your go-to.

Action item: Working with this moon, you’ll want to communicate your feelings from a grounded place, make solid plans for new ideas without moving too fast, and start over on projects that need editing and redoing. When you do, you’ll be happier for it, and the results will be longer lasting.

FIRE SIGNS [Aries, Leo, Sagittarius] 

Amplified by the fire of Aries influencing the moon, your fire sign will be reignited with passion, stability, and movement towards your goals. This is a time of inspired self-expression and the ability to use intuition to get what you want without delay. Like a burning brush fire, you’ll move through the needs of your to-do list quickly and without effort. That said, make sure you’re considering the needs of others – your fire may burn a little too hot when engaging your partners, co-workers, family, and friends.

Action item: Write your to-do list and celebrate with cake or your favorite beverage when you finish it. Celebration of your accomplishments is important for you right now.

EARTH SIGNS [Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn]

Normally slower-paced than the rest of the signs while you plan world domination, this month’s full moon gives your Earth energy some extra oomph and productivity. It’s also a moon that sets the tone for manifestation and stability. As you tap into its energy, you’ll notice you’re dropping the overthinking and saying yes to the next move. When you do, you’ll be rewarded, and others will offer you help along the way.

Action item: Take note of projects and processes you’ve wanted to complete but have put off. Start your efforts with these ideas and watch as you create momentum. Grab an accountability partner (preferably an air or water sign) to help you as you go.

WATER SIGNS [Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces]

Turn up the heat; the kettle is on for your water sign. What can sometimes feel like cold water at the start of the Fall months in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re bubbling with energy with this full moon. This is a moon helping you with creativity and responsive movement towards your dreams. What usually stays in your imagination will make it out onto the page during this full moon. The wackier the ideas, the better.

Action item: Let your inner freak flag fly and create accordingly. The wild imaginings of your heart will land on the page, canvas, and in conversations, revealing the mystical aspects of your inner world. Get ready for radical acceptance.

Hot tip as you prepare for this lunar monthly miracle: The full moon energy lasts 3 days before the moon rises, on the full moon itself, and 3 days after. You’ve got time to work with this moon and all of its fire. It’s here to help and ready to rise.

Tell me in the comments: what’s your sign, and what action will you take?

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