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October 12, 2022

The Only Constant is change no boxes work

A little bit of every me. People find us confusing because there is a thousand different versions of us.
We are living in the only constant is change & we never tick a box twice in our heads.
But to outside looking in, we are boxed, labeled & defined the moment we are seen.
The reality is all of us are always seeking for something we are, ever changing & that is what most people & social media algorithm can never comprehend.
All I share is an accurate experience of me now. It’s missing the tears, challenge of figuring out a new life in a new country & city though. I’m exhausted, hard on myself, a woman trying to keep going & find the gratitude. Whilst falling short many times. I’m a mum trying to parent & comfort a little human whilst craving comfort for herself & not really knowing what she’s doing with a little girl who thinks she does.
I truly believe that living life of challenges will cultivate me more to be a better human then I will cultivate the ideal or perfect life myself.  I’m learning I have zero desire to make sense. I have more desire to breathe into the dark & channel the light. Chaos right now is carving, shaping, defining, feeling & refining me.
My greatest discovery right now is we should learn to integrate our life into work & not our work into our lives. The former creates a purpose & passion. The later creates disconnection and unfulfillment of our existence. We should not aim for balance & harmony between work & life. Between chaos & ease. Between comfort & discomfort. Between real & behind the scenes. Between on & offline. Between fear & love. Between truth & judgment. Between preferred & non preferred. Between peace & war. Between understanding & compassion. Between who I am and who they see. We should aim to cultivate our life’s work.
So take time to explore who you are & the potential of who you can be. You are on your own journey. Extend yourself with grace.
My questions to you is how can we stop judging people so much by the opinions they give or what they share here that we see & give more attention to the values they live?  How can we remember we don’t have to always agree or like their point to admire their courage for living?

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