October 19, 2022

Why Practicing Radical Acceptance is More Important than Ever.


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


We have just closed out a difficult month which included a six-planet retrograde storm.

Now that we are in October, most of the planets will station direct, but this will be leading us straight into another eclipse season. Yay! (I jest.)

We also just experienced a powerful Aries Full moon conjunct Chiron, which was quite emotional. Although this past eclipse season in May and June was quite intense, it was definitely different from the energy of September. At least for me, the eclipse season was heightened energy that brought about some interesting events and insights. Although challenging and exhausting, it was not depressing and angsty as I found September to be as well as this highly emotional full moon. Hopefully, this upcoming eclipse season won’t be as harsh.

On one of my daily walks right after Mercury went straight, I pondered why I was feeling so incredibly down. For most of September, I kept asking myself, if we are heading toward a higher state of consciousness, why am I not feeling a blissful state of nirvana?  I seemed to be questioning and judging everything, including my horrible mood and feeling so incredibly inadequate. I had lost a lot of my inspiration and my world appeared quite bleak. Furthermore, this transitionary place I currently find myself in was also triggering a lot of insecurities. I also realized that I was beating myself up for not being able to manifest a few things in my life that I have been working on for such a long time.

While on this walk, my higher self, subconscious, whatever you would like to call it, asked “What if you had those things? How would your life be that different?” The first thought that popped into my head was “I would feel good enough.” I then realized that desiring something to fulfill an ego need probably isn’t really going to work in terms of manifesting.

After my walk, I laid down on the floor to process these feelings of inadequacy. I put a citrine crystal on my third charka and just breathed through it. Additionally, I realized that I was forgetting some valuable lessons that I had learned on my journey and actually wrote about in my book, The Journey of Discovering Inner Peace.

I then picked up my book and read the following pages, which I thought I would be helpful to share. “Something I have to continually remind myself is, “My life is perfect, with all of its imperfections. I have exactly everything I need right now. My life is exactly how it needs to be at the present.”

Inner peace is found when you accept your life as it is in that particular moment and not in desiring it to be anything different from what it is. Even during the most trying times, we can accept the present for what and how it is without judgment and learn the lesson that is the result of the situation. We can learn to understand that the universe never gives us something we cannot handle. The situation is temporary and it too shall pass. We can learn to trust that the universe is providing us with all that we need at the moment.

Even in the most trying times, it is important to embrace the present exactly how it is and trust that what you are going through in the moment is important for personal and spiritual growth. This can help us move from victimhood to becoming empowered by the situation we are in. A way in which we can shift from feeling like a victim to being empowered is by practicing radical acceptance.

One reason that most of us are not feeling peace is that we are judging and not fully accepting our current circumstances. We tend to label our current situation as either good or bad. Situations are neither good nor bad, it is how we label them that makes them so. Buddhist philosophy emphasizes that our suffering is created by our desires and expectations, but once we accept the present moment exactly as it is, our suffering ends because we have no expectations of how it should be.

Part of finding inner peace is accepting our current reality and minimizing the suffering, which is achieved by accepting it. There is a Buddhist saying, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” No matter how enlightened we are, we will all experience situations that create feelings of sadness, fear, anger, and frustration, but personal growth is not about minimizing the situation but minimizing the suffering.

We suffer because, instead of accepting our situation and understanding it, we appraise it, consciously and subconsciously, based on our story. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we begin to think, “I’m not lovable,” “I can’t do anything right,” or “I’m all alone,” and that elicits and compounds negative emotions. This is where we get into the loop of suffering.

Inner peace can be found when we start practicing radical acceptance, which means understanding, not attaching to this story, letting go of suffering, and accepting instead of judging our current circumstances. Remembering this wisdom really helped me shift things. I guess we all need reminders from time to time.

Later on that day, I saw a post from an astrologer regarding a powerful shift that will be occurring at the end of March 2023. Pluto will be changing signs from Capricorn (which we have been in since 2008) to Aquarius. This next 20-year chapter will be huge!

I believe a huge aspect of this 5D ascension or shift in consciousness is that we are experiencing a lot of reprogramming. We hold so many illusions, not only from this lifetime but many lifetimes of trauma and conditioning, both conscious and unconscious.

This last retrograde, as well as this full moon, was definitely doing some deep clearing of some old traumas and programs. If we are to create this new paradigm, we all need to keep working through our stuff, especially our feelings of inadequacy, if we are here to create this new blueprint for our world.

I then sat looking out at my beautiful view of Mt. Shasta contemplating writing this article, feeling more at peace with the state of my life…and the most amazing thing happened. The clouds around Mt. Shasta literally turned pink for just a short amount of time. I took that as a huge sign because pink is the color of self-love and self-acceptance.

Sending you all self-love and self-acceptance as we continue building this new earth and working through our stuff!


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