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October 17, 2022

Writer’s Block in Action

Oh my goodness I don’t know what to write.  I made a commitment that I would publish something this week.  I want to live up to that commitment.

Luckily, I am feeling a little bit better  than I was 15 minutes ago, when I was really, really stuck.  I had been feeling agitated after spending time with my folks and listening to them tell the same old stories, the ones I’ve heard them tell so many times before, over and over again.  This time they were telling them to my new boyfriend.  He was engaged.  I appreciate him for that.  I just wanted to get the hell out of there. It’s Sunday, I need to get home and write that damn… what do I call it?… piece of writing.  Jiminy Crickets! How am I supposed to write anything at all while I am feeling so agitated?

I decided I would start out by reading a peer’s article (is that what I should call it? An article?  This doesn’t really feel like an article, I am just babbling on my computer) and sending her my thoughts/edits.  It took me a couple minutes, and multiple attempts of reading the first sentence, before I finally had the concentration to actually read the article and focus.  I sent her my thoughts, and now I am calmer.  Now I can write this article, piece-of-writing, open-journal entry, therapeutic mumbo-jumbo, whatever you want to call it.  I owe it to my peer, for having asked for input.

So now what do I write about?… blank… blank… sit with the blank.  Just see what comes.

Ooh!  Almost.  I almost had an idea… something about appreciating my boyfriend.

He is, after all, putting together some Ikea furniture for me while I write this, right in front of me.   He’s the one who noticed I was agitated at my folks’ house and suggested that it’s time we get going (something I struggle with).  He is a great guy.  Where did I find him?

Well, that is a story (article perhaps?) in itself.  Eight years of being single and then suddenly, out of the blue, I met this man in the middle of nowhere Nevada.  A beautiful place.  And the crazy thing is that this amazing, strong, smart, kind, nature-loving, city boy (man), took interest in little-old me, the one who writes this… blog, post, article, thing, whatever you want to call it.  I appreciate that he is here with me right now.

I still don’t know what to write about.

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