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November 6, 2022

Real love shouldn’t be a fairytale

Finding someone trustworthy, loyal and respectful shouldn’t be remarkable.

Believing they have your back, speak highly of you when you’re not around, and will always defend you to others shouldn’t be unthinkable.

Finding your best friend with whom you regularly communicate openly and with understanding, empathy, love and compassion shouldn’t be impossible.

Having a partner who knows when to lend advice and when to just lend an ear, who meets you where you are, but also helps you grow, who cheers you on in your triumphs and catches you when you fall, shouldn’t be unimaginable.

Seeking a lover who will hold your heart as tenderly as they do your body, who will look at you with reverence, love, lust and like you put the very stars in the sky, who is in awe of your vulnerability and not afraid to show you their’s, and who leaves you in no doubt about the place you hold in their life, shouldn’t be delusional.

Wanting to see magic when you look in their eyes, to feel sparks when you hold their hand, and to taste passion when you kiss their lips shouldn’t be extraordinary.

If these things are a fantasy – then I want the fairytale.

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