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December 13, 2022

Conflict is a place for Deeper Connection and Understanding in Families

Family is an adventure. It is a really big teacher of how life is all about finding harmony in the differences. It is a really big reminder how there is no right or wrong but simply different perspectives and normals in life. While us adults are the caregivers. Parents and adults often become students again seeing where they can improve and where they can nourish and hold compassion better for things they didn’t learn through our future generations eyes. We also learn the need for kindness and love in places of unknown, fear, pain or challenges. So often we forget conflict is a place to build a deeper connection and build skills. However, in families our values get tested by others around us continuously. We forget it isn’t about we’ve been doing this wrong all the time but to say hey, did you know there are other things and ways in life. If we want to raise our future generations with love, we need to remember we as adults still have work to do. We need to remember being human is a work in progress and we must always keep forgiveness and self compassion in our journey of life. My core belief has always been to change the world we don’t have to be perfect, have a perfect family or have the answers. We just have to stay open to each others needs. Give validation to each others feelings where due. Find fun and Humor and remember when you can’t find love hold respect because we are all a work in progress. Every day being a mum I remind my daughter it is ok to feel not enough, like you’ve failed, lost, let down, don’t know what you are doing, frustrated, hurt, broken or nothing. It is ok to feel flawed. However, these things do not define you. Your beautiful actions, your kindness, your compassion, passion, creativity, honesty, heart, courage, soul and every other big and small magical thing about you does and we adults and parents need to remember this too.

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