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December 12, 2022

Video, Podcast: Waylon Lewis talks with Dating Coach Jolene Beaton.


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Waylon Lewis: What was your sort of feeling looking at this post? Did it seem a little bit off? Did it seem great? Was it inspiring?” 

Jolene Beaton: I thought, wow, this man is so smart by utilizing people who already know and trust you. They know you, you’ve let them into your life. It made more sense for you to just share, “Hey, I think I’m ready to date again. Here’s kind of the type of person I am. Here’s what would be a good fit.” And let people come to you.

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis features:

Waylon Lewis talks with Dating Coach Jolene Beaton: how to find your person.

Inside a new Walk the Talk Show conversation this week with Waylon Lewis: he speaks with Jolene Beaton as they discuss dating today, reaching out to community to find meaningful connections, and how to begin to share yourself with the world, whether you’re looking for a date or not.

“I super casually posted [on Instagram]. I post this thing about being ready to date and honestly, I thought it might be kind of exciting and fun and maybe it would have 20 comments and it turned out to be hundreds of comments.

And you know, the best comments were people saying, “you know what, this inspires me to reach out on to my community and be open. This is maybe an effective way to connect with my people and there’s nothing shameful about it.”

I love that.” ~ Waylon Lewis 

“I love this way of sharing yourself. I think it’s probably where we should move into—creating your own personal brand online and sharing yourself as a way of just being with everybody and finding tribes. But I have to imagine that it’s probably a hard start for some. 

For people that don’t share and don’t wanna go on the apps, and really don’t even wanna date—I think, you know, a baby step would be, you know, instead of being online and just taking all the information in, start slowly. Share a recipe. If you’re a great cook, share your cooking experiences. If you are a world traveler, start sharing some of your trips.  

It doesn’t have to be your face all the time.

I think you can start in a really benign way and then eventually—and I’m sure you’ll agree, Waylon—it does evolve. You get so comfortable sharing that you start to talk to people and show your face.

And then at that point you engage.” ~ Jolene Beaton

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