December 27, 2022

You will Never be Happy if You’re Doing This.


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While there are countless ways for you to be happy, there’s definitely one thing that won’t lead to happiness.

It’s something that probably every human has fallen prey to. Something that is ingrained in almost everyone at a young age.

The fact is that you will never be happy if you’re living for someone else. 

See, you were brought on this earth as a unique being unlike anyone else. There’s not another soul who will have your exact memories, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

You really are one of a kind.

Even though there is a universal energy connecting us all, how you choose to live your time on Earth is entirely up to you.

That’s why if you fall into the trap of living for someone else, you will never find happiness. Your soul will feel unfulfilled from its true purpose.

And if you’re wondering what your purpose even is don’t be discouraged. Your purpose is not some complicated thing you have to go out and find.

Your purpose is simply to be the best expression of yourself and to live a life that makes your soul happy; that’s it.

Unfortunately, many of us from a young age are conditioned to believe that we need to follow the masses. That we need to take a career or marry a certain type of person who is acceptable to society.

That we need to shut away our creative expression in favor of blending into the crowd.

So when kids start to adopt these beliefs as their own, they grow up blindly following everyone else. They do what they are told and follow the safe, comfortable route.

These kids grow up into adults with a lifetime’s worth of freedom and creative expression stuffed deep inside them. This suppression can lead to health complications, anxiety, low self-confidence, and more.

I was living this way too up until recently. I started a “safe” career and did what everyone else around me was doing. I did everything I could to blend in even though I was suffering from daily, debilitating anxiety.

I had zero connection to my innermost self, my soul. I had no idea what I even wanted out of life or what made me happy.

Wasn’t following the “safe” route in life supposed to lead to happiness?

It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I started to experience this internal calling for something more. I just knew my life was meant to expand; I knew I was destined for something bigger than my current situation.

Do you sometimes feel this way, too? Do you feel like you are meant for something more but just don’t know what it is? Maybe you have a desire that you have been ignoring for far too long. Don’t worry, it’s way more common than you know.

So while I knew I was destined for more, I had no idea what that meant. I made a commitment to myself to follow my heart and soul no matter what. No matter how scary it was, I was going to create my dream life.

Once I made that commitment to myself, even though I had no idea how I would get there, things started to unfold in a magical way.

I was drawn to learn about self-development and read every book I could get my hands on.

After some time studying everything I could, I realized that I one day wanted to teach other people the same lessons I was learning. I wanted to be a coach and lead other sensitive women to own their power too.

Of course, my imposter syndrome was loud during these first realizations. I thought, “Who am I to teach about this stuff?” But I continued to believe in my dream regardless of fear.

This dream just wasn’t leaving me alone; I knew it was meant for me.

My commitment to seeing it through is what led me to write and share my thoughts publicly. It was incredibly scary at first, but I soon started to get readers from all over the world.

Comments and messages were coming in that I was in fact inspiring other people. This dream that I had was not a fluke; it was my soul’s path.

When I promised myself that I would follow my heart and design a life that made me happy, the path of how to get there made itself known. Sometimes all you need is a decision that you want a change.

So now I pass the question on to: who are you truly living for? What would your dream life look like, one that brings you deep happiness and purpose?

Here are some signs that your life is not aligned with your soul:

>> You are working a job that is devoid of meaning

>> You dread going to your job and even starting your day.

>> You are exhausted, drained, and depleted at the end of every day.

>> You have no idea what makes you happy.

>> You can’t remember the last thing that excited you.

>> Happy people make you envious.

>> You don’t have any hobbies or creative outlets.

>> You spend your free time with mind-numbing activities.

If you said yes to any or all of the above, you are in the right place!

Acknowledging that your current situation is not ideal is the first step. The beautiful thing about being a human is you have the chance to create a new reality all the time.

One of the fastest ways to start building a life you love and infusing more happiness is simple. First, identify what even makes you happy.

Try new things and get outside your comfort zone. Do things that brought you happiness as a kid. Rediscover that part of you that’s been hidden.

Once you’ve identified things that bring you happiness, do them. Actually, put the time in your schedule for it. Maybe it’s an hour a week or 10 minutes a day to start.

By spending this time just for you, you are already on your way to designing a life you love.

Only you get to decide how to spend your precious time, so why not make it count? Of course, life happens, and not every day or week will look the same, but you can always come back to yourself.

You can choose the people, things, and experiences that get to be a part of your life.

Take the first step today and commit to living by your heart and soul. Infuse more things that make you happy and watch the magic unfold.

Life happens the moment you start living for only one person—you.


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