January 13, 2023

This is what made me transition from veggie to vegan. 

This is a line we often get from folks who haven’t slowed down enough to learn to care to know what they’re talking about.

Veganism doesn’t kill more animals or insects if you remember than something like 65-85% of farmlands are cleared and harvested for feed for animals that will be killed. So even if you want to save the plants, which is a fallacious argument from folks okay with killing sentient beings, you’ll be saving 65-85% more plants.

Vegetarianism still results in male chicks being killed, the momma hens being killed when they stop laying eggs enough, so yes.

Vegetarianism still results in veal baby cows being stolen from heartbroken mommas, the babies are freaked out, isolated, cook in the heat or freeze in the cold, then killed at 3 weeks I think. Then the moms are tortured, raped, and killed when they stop producing enough milk.

This is what made me transition from veggie to vegan.


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