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February 8, 2023

11 Lessons I learned as A Spiritual Entrepreneur

It’s CRAZY to know that I just hit 1 million plays on Insight Timer. If you’ve listened to one of my meditations, THANK YOU. ?

In 2016, I uploaded my first practice to Insight Timer. It was during a time of my life where I was still figuring out what my purpose and impact would be.

I had a dream that I wanted to inspire and impact millions, but I had no idea what it would look like or how to make it happen.

As I navigated the ups and downs of finding one’s place in the world, I sporadically uploaded my learnings on the app. In 2018, I decided to commit to sharing a new meditation every week. That’s when things shifted.

I didn’t make any money, but it didn’t matter. I got so much joy out of creating, connecting, and knowing that my work was being received. I had a strong intuition that something great was evolving.

As my audience grew, so did Insight Timer. In 2019, I created my first course and started receiving meaningful revenue for my work. Everything I dreamed about when I quit my job was beginning to manifest.

From there, I started a 1–1 coaching practice and have been blessed to support people worldwide.

I feel blessed, lucky, and I also know how hard it’s been. Through the struggles, I have an embodied sense of how dreams can & do come true. Which is why I know they can come true for you as well!

So as I celebrate the milestone of 1 million plays, I want to share 11 lessons I’ve learned along the way:

1. You can’t know the net will be there before you leap. You have to learn to trust in what you can’t see yet.
2. Growth is non-linear. Getting off the path is part of the path.
3. Your wounds, failures, & regrets become part of the gift you have to share.
4. Real failure only happens if you give up. Just. Keep. Swimming. All It Takes is One.
5. No one’s judging you like you’re judging yourself.
6. Six billion people on the planet and we’re all just making it up. We’re all imposters. Own it.
7. Do something you love, give it away for free, and do it consistently.
8. Invest in yourself. Invest in what you value.
9. Be grateful to those who give you their attention. It’s priceless.
10. When you let it go, you get it all back.
11. Arrival is a myth. The Journey is The Reward.

I send you my profound gratitude. In whatever way my content may have resonated or supported you, know that it is my deepest pleasure and honor. I do not take your attention and this opportunity for granted.

I can’t wait to continue learning, growing, and evolving with you.

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