March 2, 2023

“These kids went hard covering ‘The Final Countdown.'”

Yes. Wow. This song came out (I think) during my junior high years and even then it wasn’t just another song, it was a…something else. An anthem, a celestial epic earworm do rock out to.

“School of Rock Students Perform “The Final Countdown'” by Europe.”

The OG:


And a few choice comments on the cover:

The young lady singing lead is really, REALLY good. I know this song by heart, having heard it about 10,000 times on the radio and having owned the album for years, and she nailed it.
The energy coming from the female on the keyboard is amazing. She’s just straight up loving it! Absolute legend!! Love the singer’s voice too!

For those who don’t know, School of Rock is an AWESOME hands-on music instruction experience for kids AND adults where they teach you to perform a set of songs with a band of fellow students, at a level of competency/complexity you can reach during your course, and then perform them publicly.

They have these schools in many major cities in the US. Nothing to do with the also awesome Jack Black movie.

These kids NAILED it.


There’s another similar organization, the O’keefe Music Foundation, that also has some astoundingly talented kids doing great covers.


The lead singer friggin rules

I was like ‘intro sounds cool, noice… what a petty that they didn’t go for vocals, no singer on sight… heh.’

The camera shows a girl pouring her soul into that mic.

Oh, dude. Wow. Blast away.

edit: Eliza. Her name is Eliza Lampert. Here is her Jolene


If you put the same energy to your daily life that the keyboardist in the white shirt did in this song, you will succeed in all your endeavors

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Read 2 comments and reply

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