April 13, 2023

52 Little Tidbits to Embrace in Your 50s.

When I was in my 30s and 40s, there was a lot of fear around ageing.

So many times, I would hear the negative connotations about getting older. Decline of physical health. Decline of the ability to be spontaneous and adventurous. Decline of your looks. Decline of attractiveness. Decline of being seen and valued.

It sounded bloody awful, and it’s not surprising why so many people panic about getting older. Especially women as there does seem to be more pressure on them to fit into some sort of preconceived societal mould.

Without a doubt, we still live in an ageist society. People project a lot of judgement around age, like at what age people should have achieved certain things. It’s a weird concept to me as I simply believe you can achieve whatever you want at any stage in life. Why must we place people in little age boxes, like we have some sort of “used by” date? As far as I’m concerned, the only time the “used by” date expires is when we leave this earth.

So here are 52 little tidbits to embrace in your 50s:

1. Celebrate the fact you have reached 50, as not everyone is so lucky.

2. Age may weary our bodies, but they are capable of far more than we think.

3. Menopause is unavoidable for us women, but being fobbed off like it’s all in our head is unacceptable. Don’t let anyone dismiss you.

4. If you haven’t done your inner work yet, there’s no time like the present.

5. Don’t assume women over 50 lose their sex drive. Some do and many do not. Some of us are still in our prime.

6. If you’ve embraced your self-awareness and learnt who you are at your core, self-love and self-belief radiate from you.

7. Comparison caught the last train out with the insecurities of your younger self.

8. Gratitude can be your greatest gift when you understand what you have been blessed with.

9. Pleasing everyone isn’t important anymore.

10. That pain in your body is a reminder to not just treat the physical problem but check in on your emotional health. Our body always keeps the score.

11. Eat the last cookie, but also walk that flight of stairs.

12. The bladder may not hold as much these days, but drinking water is more than just a “suggestion.”

13. Boundaries are the new flex; don’t be afraid to use them.

14. We all have those “back in the day we did this” stories. We don’t need to inflict those on others.

15. Our bodies have walked the earth for 50-plus years; respect the wear and tear.

16. We aren’t at war with other generations, so stop arguing with them. We should all be learning from each other.

17. Courage is not hiding your emotions; courage is vulnerability.

18. Masks are for masquerade balls, not real life. Show your true self.

19. Love is not enough. You need trust, respect, loyalty, chemistry, matching energy, and the ability to be deeply honest.

20. Don’t settle. We never regret the chances we take, only the ones we didn’t.

21. Social media is a snapshot of what people want you to see; don’t take it too seriously.

22. Happiness will never be found externally.

23. Wear what you want; you’ve earned it.

24. Understand your energy; it’s the first clue to what you are attracting.

25. Most of us have faced significant loss by now. Grief is not an illness to cure but a journey of the heart and soul.

26. Listening is not something we do to respond; it’s something we do to hear.

27. Meditation is something we can learn at any age.

28. There are safer variations of a yoga headstand. I learnt the hard way.

29. It’s your life; you chose how to live it.

30. Proactive healthcare is far better than reactive healthcare.

31. Curiosity is a great teacher.

32. Rug-sweeping your problems will slowly poison you.

33. Laugh every day, especially at yourself. Humour is great medicine for the soul.

34. Stand naked in front of the mirror, and instead of finding your faults, see your beauty.

35. Compassion makes you and the world more beautiful.

36. Strength is not the ability to keep standing; it’s the ability to pick yourself up after you fall and learn from it.

37. Cold showers aren’t just for “horny men.” They are great for our health.

38. Looks mean nothing if the heart has no kindness.

39. Just because people have a platform, it doesn’t mean what they are saying is true or helpful.

40. Nobody will remember what you told them, but they will remember the way you made them feel.

41. You can still hold love for someone and let them go.

42. Jealousy is a wasted emotion.

43. If you’re judging, it’s because you fear something.

44. Eighties and 90s hair is a destination we never want to return to, but 80s and 90s music has still got the goods.

45. Attraction happens at all ages; don’t ever think you’re past it.

46. You’re never too old to pursue your passions.

47. Society may want to put you in a little corner and try and tell you how to behave; you are under no obligation to conform.

48. Real friends are more important than lots of friends. You’ll want the ones who stick by your side when life gets messy.

49. You can’t change people no matter how much you want to.

50. You can change yourself at anytime.

51. You are not the sum of your relationship, or job title, or material items. You are the sum of how you treat others and how you show up.

52. Your legacy won’t be how much money you leave behind but rather how much love you leave behind. Don’t confuse what’s truly important.

We can either fill ourselves with fear, or we can embrace new challenges. We can either become bitter and resentful about what we’ve lost, or we can be grateful for what we have. We can either shy away from adventure, or we can adjust our wings and jump. We can either wallow in despair about our changing body, or we can love it unconditionally. We can either live a life chasing external happiness, or we can find our happiness within. We can either follow what others expect of us, or we can follow our soul.

If you’re younger, don’t fear getting older; seriously, it’s okay. If you’ve already reached your 50s, you probably get what I’m saying here. There is plenty of fun, love, adventure, passion, and joy to be had.

I’ll leave you with two other tidbits. If you live every day doing at least one thing that you love, you will love something every day that you live. And if you want to be remembered for the good that you do and how you make people feel, write your own obituary, then live those words every single day. There’s nothing more heartfelt, soulful, and truthful then imagining what will be felt when you leave this world.

Embracing both life and death is the most empowering thing you can do to ensure you live your best life.


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