April 25, 2023

Will President Biden be too old? An apt reply to that fair concern.

After watching this video, I’ll not only grudgingly vote again for Biden, I’ll enthusiastically do so.

I’ve been impressed by his ability to return decency, normalcy, even boring-ness to the United States of America–you know, stability, after 4 years of wondering each morning what new disaster or drama hateful dividing tweet Trump sent off from his golden toilet.

But I expected, or hoped for that.

Biden’s gone beyond that–he’s pushed through by far the most progressive agenda of my lifetime, including most crucially on climate crisis. Ketangi Brown is great, and she’s there because we voted.

But fundamentally, just now, watching his video, he reminded me of our fundamental decency and goodness as Americans. That’s something Trump never did once, because he sees evil and hate wherever he looks. That’s the game he plays, and he’s good at that game. That’s not the game I want to play or be a part of. When Biden says “there’s nothing we can not do, because we’re America,” he believes it, and he makes me believe it again, and that’s what Presidents should do—remind us of our goodness, or the principles involved in democracy, of the values we all share.

After watching that video, I’m not only grudgingly voting again for a too-old president, I’m enthusiastically doing so. He’s in great shape, and hopefully can make it through a job I’d struggle to handle and I’m half his age.

President Biden: the most progressive president of our lifetime.


“Biggest investment in climate change, covid relief bill, covid vaccine rollout, biggest infrastructure bill in decades, low unemployment, much lower inflation than comparable economies, major investment in domestic chip production, most pro-union president in decades, passed the biggest gun legislation since the 90s, protecting LGBTQ rights, student debt relief… all done with a 50-50 Senate in the last session. Seriously, this IS exceptional.”

Will President Biden be too old? An apt reply to that fair concern.

“The Dems will have an amazing bench of gubernatorial-experienced candidates in ‘28…Whitmer, Pritzker, Newsom…but none of them are ready yet. They still have lots to do in their own states. I’ll ride with Biden one more time. He’s impressed me more than I thought he would in a lot of ways, and this is coming from a progressive type. He was able to thread the needle on a lot of shit given the cesspool of a congressional situation we exist in. If we need to deal with the age thing once he’s won, we’ll deal with it then. At this point idc that he’s old, I care that he wins over a fascist.

Edit: I would also like to add that these rumblings about Biden’s age are already being exploited heavily by a lot of rightwing interests in order to sow the appearance of disconcert within the left and split the voting block…Same type of shit as the “Hilary is unelectable” narrative they built in 2016…Just came out the other day that anti vaccine RFK was recruited by a fascist to try to primary Biden by running as a “Democrat” to sow discord and tamper with Biden’s reelection…All of it designed to fracture the left’s cohesion…” ~ reddit comment


Not a bad video.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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