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May 15, 2023

I’m scared to talk about God

In my newsletter last week, I did something unusual. I used the word, God, without caveating, “Or whatever word works for you — Great Spirit, Source, Universe, Higher Self, etc.”

I usually give these options because I know many are triggered by that word, often from growing up with the image of a wrathful God that looks like an old white man with a beard sitting on a throne, judging.

That is far from what I mean by God.

The irony is we’re trying to talk about something that has no words. As St. Augustine said, “If you can comprehend it, it’s not God.”

Not naming God is what makes The Buddha’s teachings so brilliant. Instead, he shows us a path, teaches us a practice, and says, “come experience for yourself.”

The omission of God is why Buddhism tends to attract people who are fed up with western religion, or are more secular in their beliefs. The Buddha was wise, knowing that not giving people a deity to find “out there”, it would lead them to look inside, where the real treasure lies.

While it doesn’t matter what we call The Infinite Energy of All That Is, for me, God resonates. As I grow in my spirituality, I feel drawn closer to my Catholic roots and have been digging more into Christian and Western mystics.

With my interests and background, it hit me — why do I always feel the need to explain myself? I use God, I feel God, why don’t I just own it? What am I scared of?

I’m embarrassed to say I’m afraid of losing you as a subscriber/listener. I’m afraid you’ll judge me as some religious zealot, talking about the God you came to meditation to get away from.

(Ironic coming from the guy who brought you, Learn To Stop Caring What Others Think.)

When you look back at your life, would you rather be someone who spoke their Truth or ensured that everyone liked them?

Often, we can’t have both.

So last week, I decided to speak it how I feel it. I used God and didn’t caveat. I prepared to get a high amount of unsubscribes. To my pleasant surprise, there were only 3! (Pretty average amount)

I learned it’s ok to trust speaking my Truth.

Even if 30 people unsubscribe, we have to step bravely toward what is calling us and understand that not all will hang on. That’s ok. When this happens, the ones that do will appreciate us even more.

Is there anywhere in your life you’re tiptoeing around what you want to say?

What will happen if you unapologetically speak your Truth?

Try it and let me know how it goes. 🙂

Event: The Gift of Suffering Thursday August 12th, 9:30am EST

Song: Brother by The Brilliance I mention the lyrics from this song in my meditation, Stop Caring About What Others Think, “Forgiveness is the garment of our courage, the power to make the peace we long to know.”

With Love,

PS. What is your relationship to the word God? If you don’t use it, why not? And what word do you use, if any? I’m really curious to hear!

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