May 26, 2023

The Voice & Visions Within: Tuning into the Sights & Sounds of your Soul.


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The soul speaks to us through synchronistic events.

Synchronicity occurs when we recognize that two or more apparently unrelated events, in terms of causation, resemble each other and catch our attention.

For example, you’re thinking about a deceased relative and how much you miss them and a number plate on the car in front contains their name. This grabs your attention, maybe makes you smile, and offers reassurance that at some level that person is still with you.

Sometimes we don’t recognise patterns and themes of synchronicities until there have been many clues providing stepping stones to the message. If we are told by more than one person to read the same book or watch the same TV show, somewhere in there is likely to be a gem of soul wisdom, individual to us, that will trigger another phase of development on our life path. As I write this, the phrase “a hidden address of the soul” is spoken as a line in a film I am watching called “Mindcage.”

When we start to make these links, they cannot be unseen or unheard. Signs can also come to us in dreams, and dream symbols can reflect everyday symbols. They wake us from sleeping and sleep walking.

But what if we do not wake and we continually miss signs and do not escape the cage that is the mind? The universe then ups the anti and we may become unwell mentally or physically. Of course, we need to seek medical guidance for anything we are concerned about, but what if we start to listen to what we think are the soul messages embedded in illness and incident?

I have recently experienced a kidney infection creating lower back pain, food poisoning creating lower abdominal pain, and a compression fracture in my lumber spine. All within close proximity of time and bodily location. So what are the themes for this? All illness and incident is in lower body regions indicating the root and sacral chakra (energy centres). The root chakra links to our sense of security, stability, and grounding along with financial balance. The sacral chakra connects to creativity and new growth, our passions in life. So this is suggestive of some imbalance in these areas. 

The first event impacted my kidneys. This is linked metaphysically to suppressed emotions of any kind, but often fear and anxiety. So something held within. The next two incidents were externally triggered (though all is co-created, in some shape of form). The first, being through externally ingested food that did not agree with me.

The second, a horse that bucked me off. So messages here may be: I am holding things in, as external pressures feel too great. Much like a soldier unable to process trauma until returning from the battlefield. The horse firmly planted me on the ground—saying here is your grounding you so need; here is your stability, but you will have to break your back to get it. Perhaps a parallel for my tendency to overwork showing me the real pain of my belief that stability has to come from hard work.

The food poisoning I had was from “fake meat” as I like to call it, as I’ve not eaten the real stuff for many years. So something in me could not tolerate inauthenticity. Things not being as they seem. It disagreed with me. So what else in my life disagrees with me? What do I disagree with? The emotional suppression alluded to by my kidneys was in fact linked to a number of months, maybe even years, of firefighting external forces of enforced house moves, losses including that of my father (one hoped for key initial stabilising source of security from our first moment on this earth—even if absent).

These insights are not necessarily telling me things I don’t know, but the impact of these three occurrences has meant I have to rest. I can’t overwork (I’m still trying to!), and I’ve more chance of finding time to enter the creative space that my sacral chakra needs me to. In turn, that is likely to permit greater focus on passive sources of income reducing my need to overwork and in fact increasing my sense of stability. 

When horses buck, my view is that this is never with malice but is a message that something is not comfortable for them. This horse had behaved the same with another rider that week. Maybe the horse had back-based discomfort from overwork and wanted to be rid of the source of his extra load. Much like myself. His name was Hamish, which is Scottish for James—my partner’s name—again pointing my dial of understanding to family life and stability and security, with my sense of responsibility here.

With busy lifestyles, we can miss the little things. The small nuances of experience and the symbols scattered in our daily routines can become insignificant. That’s when we are at risk of obstacles in life that try to grab our attention and divert us back on course. We are not really supposed to find the most direct route back home to our soul. We are here to have a human experience with diversions, roadblocks, and re-routes, so we can learn lessons and evolve. Every single moment of experience is a step toward ourselves. Even if it feels we’ve hit reverse.

The soul can only speak to us in the present. If we deviate to the past, we have memories, regrets, overthinking. Ego takes the lead as we make comparisons and judgments of ourselves and others. If we rush ahead with the “what-ifs,” ego still plays a leading role under the mask of fear. Fooling us that a head start wins the race and if we consider worst case scenarios we are better equipped for them. The past and future obscure our true nature and our soul alignment.

So if the “here’s how” is in the “here and now,” our soul signs must reside in the little stuff. The big losses and traumas in life take us back or forward. We travel in time. At a soul level, time has no place. We have to enter “no place” to really comprehend that ego versus soul interface.

When we feel we are bogged down and worn out by the mundane, that’s the place of most gain. Doing the dishes focusing on those bubbles, watching each one burst to the clarity below. From boredom comes creativity. From rest comes productivity. From confusion comes clarity. Apparently disconnected concepts brought together in a synchronised manner. If we learn to respond to the small stuff from our soul essence, our path is one of less resistance.

So the seemingly meaningless coincidences we have in life, if we unpick the detail, may lead us back to our soul story as opposed to the conditioning found in our life script. We do this not by thinking but just by accepting and allowing meaning to arise.

In my recent circumstances, I have been shown how my suppressed fear of security was preventing me from creating what I desired or getting where I wanted to go, which was a more creative life with more streams of passive income that did not require me to be solely responsible for being present for every penny I earned. 

So how do you learn to be a “Synchronicity Sherlock” and return to the home of your soul? It truly is a matter of detective work. A classic whodunnit where we have to follow the clues and see where they lead. The spoiler alert being: they will all lead back to you. They will tell you things you already knew, but they will let you know you knew them. If you are super lucky. they may even tell you what to do with what you’ve discovered.

So here are some nodes of navigation that I’ve set within myself to optimise my synchronicity senses:

1. Engage in activities that anchor you into the present as much as possible. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, anything creative.

2. Keep a daily journal to track themes and patterns in your life. Even if these are only seen retrospectively, you are building your awareness muscles to see patterns in the moment.

3. Keep a dream journal. Patterns and linking events will pop up. Synchronicities settle in sleep. Set an intent to recall your dreams and keep a journal by the bed to note down your memories when you first awaken.

4. Body scan, feel areas of tension, notice symptoms. List current conditions. Google metaphysical meanings for all on your list. Be mindful to use this as a guide only; the key thing is what that area of the body means to you. Ask yourself: are there repeated meanings? What resonates? Trust your intuition. The true meaning will be felt and recognised.

5. Look at past accidents. These are the moments the universe is shouting the loudest to help you get back to your soul. Think about what was going on in your life at that time. Does hindsight help you see the deeper lesson in what happened?

So try these steps out yourself and see what happens. Even reading this will be happening at the right time. Think about what brought you here. What can you see, hear, smell, touch around you right now? What links do you sense. Happy investigating!

At any time you fear you’ve lost connection to self, run through the nodes of navigation above to recalibrate your own soul senses.


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