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May 12, 2023

Waylon with Miyoko, founder of Miyoko’s, on Cooking, Activism, & getting Fired from her Company.


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Waylon talks with Miyoko Schinner, the acclaimed entrepreneur, vegan cookbook author, founder of Miyoko’s Creamery and Rancho Compasión, a farmed animal sanctuary. They discuss veganism, Miyoko’s firing from the company she founded, the importance of DYI in the kitchen, and how we can support small businesses while launching a peaceful, real, live revolution in today’s food system before it’s too late.

While you may know Miyoko’s name best from Miyoko’s Creamery and its products, she describes herself as an “epicurean activist out to end cruelty to animals and climate change by connecting our palate to our future.”

“There’s just so many problems with our current economics of the food system that at this point in my life I actually want to encourage people to buy fewer products—and start making more at home. I’m talking about a peaceful revolution.

And I couldn’t have done that when I was CEO of Miyoko’s.

I can do that now.” ~ Miyoko Schinner

A clip of our conversation: 

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“I want to sell the lifestyle. I want people to embrace this lifestyle, not just buy products. Just buying vegan products doesn’t make you vegan. You’ve gotta embrace the entire lifestyle.” ~ Miyoko Schinner

“I feel like we need to ‘open source’ food. What I mean by open source food is, you know, [sharing] the knowledge around things so that we can take power back into our own hands because otherwise, society is going to crumble.

We are becoming disconnected. We are losing our stories, and it’s just like so many movies we’ve seen, where we just become an automaton in a future bleak, dark society. And I think it could be very, very real. It’s quite scary.

All we really have is each other. And if we don’t value that, we’re screwed.” ~ Miyoko Schinner

Or, listen to the podcast:

“I used to make fun of locavores because transportation is a very small part of the food system in terms of the impact of the food system. And so just eating locally alone isn’t enough to combat climate change. Going vegan is much bigger. But I wasn’t really thinking about not being local. What is that doing to small producers, people that just want to have a little mom and pop shop, people that just wanna have a cottage industry? We’re losing all of that. And that is a crying shame.” ~ Miyoko Schinner

“We need to open our hearts up to the talents of more people rather than just celebrating the few people that have made it to the top.” ~ Miyoko Schinner

“At the end of the day, I think we have to constantly remind ourselves, why did we start this? What do we end this for? And we have to gauge, if I grow this company, is it really the best thing for the planet? Or is it really the best thing for animals or for other people? Maybe the answer is yes, maybe it’s no.” ~ Miyoko Schinner

“I’m refocusing on creating community.” ~ Miyoko Schinner

Miyoko is on Instagram; follow her here.


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