May 29, 2023

When our Relationship Ends: Please don’t call Me. 

I’ve heard the same old story time and time again.

He treats her like sh*t most of their relationship. She takes it because quite frankly, she is madly in love with him. I mean you’d have to be to allow someone to treat you like that. Sometimes we take the good with the bad. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves.

Then one day, she loves herself a little bit more and walks away.

He takes the breakup like a champ. It doesn’t bother him one bit. He is out hooking up. He is living his life as if she doesn’t even exist.

Meanwhile, she is home crying, learning how to live without him. Over time, she begins to heal. Months have passed and she begins to smile again. She even begins dating. She feels good. Actually, she feels great.

And then her phone rings. It’s him.

What the f*ck! What does he even want? He plays it cool. He makes small talk. He doesn’t say much of anything.

Super strange, I know.

But it doesn’t end there. He calls again. And again. He says he is just checking in, seeing how things are going. He comes off as just friends. Slowly but surely building trust. Inching his way back into her world. Stop right there.

If you didn’t fight for her while she was yours, don’t bother coming back now. If you let her walk away, please don’t ever f*cking call again.

The last few months had been hard getting over him. She had put so much work into herself. She learned to live without him. She learned to love herself more. She has healed her broken heart and is ready to move on with her life.

When our relationship ends, please don’t call me.

I don’t think it’s cute that you’re stopping by to check in.

You weren’t there when I needed you the most, so I sure don’t need you now. I don’t need an apology or any type of closure. I’ve come to terms with and have accepted my new life without you. So I don’t need you to stop by and check in on me. Life is great without you.

Hearing from you only leaves me emotionally drained. And I am under no obligation to respond. Ignoring you is the best way to keep you out of my life.

I don’t want you to fight for me now. You had every chance to fight for me when I was yours. And you didn’t. Honestly, I wouldn’t believe you if you tried.

Loving someone comes naturally and you didn’t do that the first time around. I have no reason to believe it would happen the second time around.

I’d rather stay away from you. It’s not a game.

You were emotionally abusive. You took me for granted. I was yours and you had every opportunity to show me love. Yet you chose to disrespect me. You chose to put me through hell. And on top of all that, when I said I was leaving if things didn’t change, you let me go.

I would never give you the chance to cause the same emotional distress, knowing full well that you will do it again and again and again. I need to cut you out of my life forever.

I sure as hell don’t want to be friends.

If you couldn’t treat me good as your partner, I have no faith that you’d be a good friend. My mental sanity is at risk.

I need to move forward on my own path that doesn’t include you in my life. I don’t want you back.

People end relationships for a reason. A reason big enough to call it quits forever. Some people confuse missing the other person with wanting them back. But I have put the time into moving on. I only want to move forward, never backwards.

The relationship didn’t work out because it obviously wasn’t good for either of us. The bottom line is it ended. So going back to the same person now would be a clear case of settling, denying myself the happiness I wanted and the mental peace I deserved.

I deserve better. It doesn’t matter if you now realize what you had. Who you were in our relationship is who you will always be, with me. I knew I was the best thing for you. You just didn’t see it then. So, you have to deal with a life without me.

You didn’t see it the first time and I don’t believe you’ll ever see it.

It’s too damn late.

You should have fought for her when she was yours. You could have treated her better. You should have made her your world. If you didn’t fight for her while she was yours, don’t bother coming back now.

Please don’t ever call me again. I need to do this on my own now. Without you.


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Read 34 comments and reply

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