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June 4, 2023

How I Helped a 10-Year-Old Start Making Friends Using Akashic Records

Have you ever crossed paths with someone in your midst who is afraid and insecure about his surroundings? Yes! Do you ever wonder what could cause such unsettled emotions within them? Or why they don’t make friends easily? Once in my career journey, I too, met a 10-year-old boy who faced a similar situation. Let’s hear his story and acknowledge fascinating facts about life and energy.

But, beforehand, we dive into this extraordinary real-life story, let me introduce myself. I’m Patty Oliver, an energy healer passionate about guiding others toward healing and self-discovery. My profession helps me to experience enchanting stories of energy from worldwide. And the story I’m about to share with you today left an indelible mark on my heart—a tale of how I helped someone find healing and transformation.

Let’s begin a magical story of healing through Akashic Records.

As an energy healer, I always meet clients seeking guidance from every corner of the world. And talking about two years back, when I met this mother of a 10-year-old little boy. Parents, especially mothers, are conscious about their children, and moreover, a mother feels fear and pain for the child even before the child himself. A mother in the spiritual world is defined as all spheres’ ultimate domain.

She, too, shared her concerns about the boy’s well-being. Evidently, this precious child, just ten years old, felt unsafe and insecure in his surroundings. He didn’t have many friends, and what’s worse is that he was afraid of talking to anyone and making them friends. Deep within my intuitive being, I sensed that his unbalanced energy and negative patterns from past lives were haunting him, attracting similar situations into his present reality.

How do I feel the pain of a 10-year-old without even meeting him?

I never interacted with a 10-year-old, but still, I could feel and find out his pain. Do you wonder how? Well, that’s the magic of Akashic Records. As an Akashic Records Practitioner, I know how to read them. The first thing that works on these records is to accept and believe in the concept of energy. Everything happening around you is a dance of energy, and you are the source.

The Akashic Records are the repository of information that contains the collective consciousness and the energetic imprints of every soul, event, and experience throughout time. Every human has his own Akashic Records. More accurately, these records are part of your DNA. Simply put, the Akashic Records are the library where every information about your soul is stored. And, once you start reading these records, the universe itself signals you about every energy associated with you.

Similarly, in this boy’s case, I sense how the negative energy of his past life was affecting his current experiences and creating an unbalanced state of being. I realized his pain point and thus explained this to his mother. Together, we embarked on an inner journey, peeling back the layers of his emotions and fears.

Understanding Akashic Records: The Ultimate Way to Release Negative Energy.

As I unfold the Akashic Records of the boy, it becomes clearer. His young soul yearned for healing and release from the echoes of the past. Now we must balance this energy gap of karma and set him on the path to wholeness. This case was a bit different for me from my other encounters. The reason is that this time I’m maintaining a divine communication with a child whose heart himself is pure, untouched, and a divine incarnation.

Then, both of us, I and his mother, got engaged in intuitive energy healing practices. I utilized the wisdom of the Akashic Records, and the mother empowered him to make conscious decisions. Thus, we journeyed to balance his energy and reclaim the fragmented parts of his being.

When the flower blooms completely: The Healed Stage.

As the days turned into weeks, we witnessed a remarkable transformation in the boy. Once filled with fear, his eyes now sparkled with hope and vitality. The surroundings that haunted him once now turn into hope for him.

This is not the first time I was witnessing such a transformative stage. Every time with every client, there came a moment when they stood taller, gazing upon their reflection with newfound confidence. In those precious moments, their true healing begins. They start manifesting the power of their own soul power. And realize that they deserve a life filled with joy and abundance.

The boy was, too, going through the same phase. Finally, the flower inside him was blooming. His energy was getting balanced, or his soul was releasing the negative energy from past lives. As we all know, energy vibrations attract like situations in life. The radiant smile he put on his face and the magical aura his soul created for him resulted in an indescribable shift. His healed soul radiated positive energy that drew magical happenings from the surroundings.

And, you guessed right, the teenage boy today has plenty of friends and fears no one in the surroundings.

That’s how this story ended, leaving a permanent footprint in my head. By harnessing the wisdom of the Akashic Records and providing guidance, I helped his mother become the catalyst for his healing. We three had unlocked the incredible power of love, determination, and, most importantly, energy.

Even today, I continued to use the gifts bestowed upon me—energy healing, Akashic Records, and the power of love—to release negative patterns, restore fragmented souls, and guide individuals toward their true potential.

The magic of the Akashic Records unfolded in unimaginable ways. One by one, souls awakened, hearts mended, and lives transformed. If you ever face an out-of-the-world situation in life. Just remember, with the right guidance and a deep connection to your own Akashic Records, you, too, can release the negative patterns that hold you captive and embrace the radiant light within.

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