August 16, 2023

Toast to Warmer Weather (somewhere) with a Salty AF Watermelon Marg. {Recipe, Video}

This is all the sipping you’ll need to toast the friends you love, the team you are lovin’ on and cheerin’ for this season, or the warmer weather you’d love to be in—somewhere.

Our entire staff is completely enamored with LMNT for the taste it brings to our water bottles and the hydration it brings to our bodies whether we’re flying, hiking, or just sittin’ outside. We mix it up in plain or sparkling water, or even with a little booze—it’s delicious either way. And it’s packed only with the stuff that’s scientifically good for us…and our optimal hydration:

:lemon:  1000 mg of sodium a salty sidekick for sneaking hydration into your cells.
:watermelon: 60mg of magnesium which helps with energy, muscle contraction, and bone building.
:tangerine: 200 mg of potassium the yin to sodium’s yang, helping stabilize its blood-pressure raising effects.

And zero mg of sugar, fillers, chemicals, or any other unnecessary thing.

Plus, ya know what? It’s so easy to turn a heartfelt favorite into something even better.

So, grab a glass and prepare a Salty AF Watermelon Marg…with a special, secret LMNT for a little hydration mixed in:

Salty AF Watermelon Marg:

Serves: 1


  1.  Place a few watermelon cubes into a cocktail shaker
  2. Add one packet of LMNT Watermelon Salt to the shaker
  3. Pour in tequila shot (or two)
  4. Squeeze in your fresh lemon
  5. Shake it up
  6. Dip the rim of our drinking glass in margarita salt
  7. Fill the glass with additional iced watermelon cubes
  8. Pour your cocktail over the cubes
  9. Add a little still or sparkling water
  10. Sip back and enjoy.

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