August 22, 2023

I Want to Be with All that Is.

I walk and feel and breathe in the world around me

I look at the trees

The flowers

I hear the birds

I feel the wind

I breathe in the air

And I feel connected to Her

To her essence

To the essence of all that is.

I feel the world around me




With Life.

I see her

I feel her

And I sense she feels me too.

I breathe and I see and I exist


In the moment

Beating, breathing

With Her.

With all that is.

I want to feel connected to the earth

To the land

To the trees

To Her

To Mother Nature

Connected to the thread that connects everything around me

That connects everything and all that exists

All that is.

I want to feel connected to the essence

Her essence

The energy

Buzzing in the atmosphere around me

I want to feel the pulse

The heartbeat

The breath

Of the wind

Of the air

Of the water that flows

The energy that flows

All around me

And through me

Through all of us

And through all that is.

I want to feel connected,

Remain connected,

To her

To myself

To the breath

To the wind

And the trees

And the earth

And the energy coursing through everything.



I want to feel the life

The energy of all things

Connected to the world around me

Connected to the pure

Essence of Nature

Of breath

Of life

Of all that is.

I want to breathe in the air

And the wind

And the essence coursing through everything

Connected to the pulse

To the heartbeat

To the essence of everything.


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Read 14 comments and reply

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