August 14, 2023

“We have only to listen to one another.” ~ Waylon Lewis {Mindful Mondays}


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Mindful Mondays, with Waylon Lewis.

Waylon asks—can we talk with one another? Can we listen to one another? We’re more powerful, less rigid, than we think we are.

 “This is just a reminder that we can breathe. We can be a little more powerful than we think we may be, a little less fragile, a little less knee jerk reactionary—which I definitely am sometimes..!” ~ Waylon Lewis

Waylon’s Mindful Monday video this week:

Or, catch this episode as a podcast: 

Reader Comments: 

“I just watched the discussion between Waylon and Marianne.
I believe there is great power in not seeing eye to eye and being brave enough to publicly air it out. The only way the public is able to make informed decisions is to see both sides of the issues being discussed clearly. The bit of tension that occurred between Waylon and Marianne was just the sort of conversation I personally needed in order to come to my own conclusions.

I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much out of it if he had just asked questions and sat idly by while she answered them. That wouldn’t be a sign of true journalism.

Thank you, Waylon, for a great interview. Much kudos to you!” ~ Gigi, Elephant Reader


“Most of modern society, at least when online, has seemingly forgotten how to politely disagree. Basically, if folks disagree, it means they’re at odds and now mortal enemies who have to start viciously arguing. Yet we were all taught the golden rules as children, that as long as you respect each other it’s OK to disagree & debate. If there is disrespect, stop the discussion.

We all could use reminding on how to have engaging and maybe even heated discussions where we may feel *uncomfortable* but know we are safe, without getting emotionally triggered or reactionary. Arguments are not inherently unsafe – but that’s how they are treated online. They’re actually just discussions unless someone overreacts emotionally and makes it more dramatic than it needs to be. It’s OK to feel things, but we still have to utilize mutual respect and basic human decency when communicating with others. Disagreements are good for human discourse. It’s how we learn and grow and examine different ideas instead of just being in a vacuum of sameness.

Thank you for sharing and for that Live w/ Marianne. It was amazing! ?” ~ Holli, Elephant Reader

Related: Waylon mentioned Daryl Davis inside the video. Read this article about his inspiring example:  “Aggression creates aggression, not justice or equality.”

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“Every Monday I do a mindful reminder for our everyday life.” ~ Waylon Lewis 


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