August 24, 2023

Pisces Full Supermoon: The End is Just the Beginning. {August 30}

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The world is on fire. Literally. And, symbolically, it seems too.

Fires have been blazing throughout sacred lands, Maui and the Hawaiian islands most notably and catastrophically so as of late, with many lives lost and thousands still missing in California and Canada too, to name just a few.

Whether through direct or indirect contact, we all have been touched by the embers of the flames. Hearts have been breaking. Lives have been lost in the most horrific and tragic of ways. Homes and livelihoods burnt to the ground. Nothing but ashes and scorched earth left in the wake.

How did we get here? How did it come to this? Must things truly get worse before they get better? Before we awaken with fresh eyes to see the truth of what is and what never was?

We stand shaken. Beaten down. Dismal of what has transpired in the wake of so much darkness. We wonder if the light is truly on our side after all. We wonder why darkness feels so crushing and relentless during these times of upheaval. Our hope feels fleeting and floating away out into the ocean of our own churning of emotional processes around life these days.

What is hope? What does it mean to hope for the sun to rise again and new life to greet us in the wake and grief of so much devastation?

If you’ve been touched by literal fires before, the loss of your home, of your community, you know what it is to walk the wire of pure dependency on other, of leaning into the support of the people, not the government, not the powers at be to save us. No, they will not. No rescue is coming. No flag or sound of alarm raised to save us. So, the people gather. The group remembers its purpose. The people find each other in the brokenness again, and that is all we truly have left, the most sacred of our humanity.

Whether we see the darkness for what it is or not, we know on some soul level that light is going to break through, despite the reality playing out before our eyes. It’s only a matter of time, but we must stay sovereignly rooted in our heart, not giving our power so easily to fear anymore.

We are and have been in the holding period. The treacherous, bottomed-out, when-is-the-light-ever-coming-back feeling. Because we have forgotten we carry the light within. We have been beaten down to the core of who and what we are: light beings here to rise above the darkness. But first, like a festering wound, it must fester and bleed and ooze with infection so we see it, feel it, know it. Like a relationship bent on addiction and codependency or abuse, we must know that we are the ones choosing to leave it.

This is the energy of the Aries and Libra axis, of which we are now walking the line of fire, straight into the embers of the Aries fire to remember our sovereignty and strength, out of the codependency upon a faulty and blatantly harmful system to save us. We must stand together but on our own two feet, says Aries north node.

This is how we grow into the spiritual beings we already are, brave and courageous beyond the shadows and festering of this world fallen. Because we will rise like the mother f*cking phoenix soon enough from the embers of all that was meant to destroy us and the light on this planet. And let go of all relationships bent on abuse, manipulation, blatant concealing of truth, and codependency as we reclaim our sovereign truth.

Individually and collectively, we will rise. And the souls who have left us have chosen the path, contract with their own soul to exit out, despite the grief and horror we feel for them. Because we are human and that is our humanity to feel the loss, to feel and know that things should not have transpired that way. And, yet they have. So we are left with the choice to accept the unimaginable or cower our eyes away from ugly and naked truth.

The astrology has been intense. We had a new moon in Leo squaring Uranus on August 16. This moon was a shock. An awakening. A disruptor to the status quo. A jolt to the nervous system. New revelations. Unexpected developments. New. New. New. Shock. And. Awe.

How are we processing it? Are we processing and assimilating what has happened or come into our awareness? The fiery energy of this new moon was testy and erratic. Like a directed weapon of fire blazing through, it set into motion a series of events still unfolding. We are becoming the next version of ourselves as we speak. As we move differently. As we breathe life into death.

Uranus energy is with us for the longer haul, retrograding on August 28 until January 27, 2024. A five-month window to review our inner and outer revolutions, to clear out the crap, to let the electric shock of the new stimulate us and revive us. To cast light on the shadows of change and evolution. To self-revolutionize. To become more of the self and soul. A disruption of the status quo to not keep participating in old, outdated energy.

Uranus says “no more.” No more playing it small and pretending we are anything but miraculous sparks of divine potential masquerading in human form.

We had that bold and expansive Aquarius full moon at the beginning of the month, charged up with this energy, followed by the second full moon, a supermoon, landing on August 30 at 9:36 p.m. EST in the watery, deep, and sensitive sign of Pisces at 7 degrees. A vastly different energy to connect us to the All That Is. To release us from the confines of human limitations and dissolve back into the ethers of spiritual oneness in the deepest surrender to date maybe.

We have been choosing new timelines, new paths, new activating choices to create a whole new reality. We haven’t been playing around. We’ve been playing in the cosmic realms of pure creation energy. Pisces asks us to now release our creations out into the cosmos.

We’ve been formulating the structures of them so meticulously, manifesting our magic into this physical reality, and yet the how, when, and exact picture of it all is still becoming clear. And maybe has shifted some too. To surrender to spirit, the divine when things shift, to let go of our human sense of control of things is the biggest ask and invitation ever of Pisces energy. And, yet it is the doorway from the end to the beginning of new life. To surrender our ego’s attachments to micromanaging it all and frying our nervous systems out in the process.

In a world full of darkness rearing its ugly head in desperation to survive, we are but one ray of hope, and even if our dreams feel like teetering on the edge of a fine wire, we are perhaps right where we need to be, holding onto hope in the redemption.

The sun entered Virgo on August 23 so we are feeling the energy of decluttering our minds and our spaces. And also perhaps of the mind ramping up trying to control things and make it all “perfect.” But, what if the manifestation is already happening and the mind has little to do with it now, other than getting in the way of things coming together exactly as they need to, in divine timing and orchestration?

Virgo energy can be obsessive and perfectionistic leaning. It may say until things are perfectly in order, action must wait. There is a point to having a clear pathway or stepping stones in place, but the universe is literally guiding us with breadcrumbs and bigger signs along the way, just not always everything at once. So we must keep trusting. And trust some more. Trusting our soul’s guidance to know the way by connecting with our brilliant soul wisdom. And bringing it into our daily reality.

This full moon energy is a time for deeper surrender to our cosmic souls, guiding us now, guiding us always, but especially in this next iteration of self and creation. Can we trust the soul and intuitive hunches?

Pisces is our direct line to God, to intuition, to what is being asked even if it doesn’t always make sense or seem practical. Virgo is practicality. We do need both, but too much of one and not of the other, we lose our footing, physically or spiritually. So ground down, and root up. Pisces energy is here to remind us we already have all the answers within us to know which way to go. Virgo is here to help us put plans into action and place. Virgo is the body. Pisces is the soul. We are all on healing journeys and sometimes we truly don’t know what else to do other than throw our hands up in the air in surrender that we don’t know how to proceed. And let spirit come in.

Of course, we have a few other planets adding to the conversation and mix of energies. Mercury will be entering its retrograde on August 23 and stay there until September 14. The quarterly visit through time and space, of slowing down, reviewing, rechecking, and making sure we have all our ducks in a row. To review the documents we are signing, the agreements we are entering into and the ones we are exiting out of. Not to add worry to, but something to be paid attention to. Our communication is extra important. And there may be some delays and hiccups at times.

Notice what emotional patterns and triggers get stirred up in the wake of this lapse. Be kind to yourself and your triggers. It’s okay to feel any which way, and know that you can still trust yourself to move forward by first attending to what is here.

We, of course, still have Venus retrograde energies in full swing until September 3, just a few days after this full moon, but two weeks it’ll spend in its shadow, still having its influence on us. This Venus retrograde has been deep, deep into the underworld of our subconscious beliefs about our worth and value, highlighting our attachments to socialized beauty structures, our fears around money, our beliefs around money, how worthy we feel of receiving and of being seen in our deeply flawed, yet whole always sense of selves.

We have been deep in it. In the muck of the muck. It hasn’t been super fun or easy. And yet we are nearly through this part of the Venus story. And, hopefully, we have dug deep to harness the Leo courage to choose the path of courage and risk still. Of being our authentic selves. Of expending our resources on the life and vision we are being called to from the core of the heart level. Money matters up the wazoo, and now we get to look back and be ever so compassionate to ourselves for when we did overspend and also acknowledge the courage to invest in our future selves we are creating now. It takes courage to invest in our souls. And that is what we are doing.

This full moon in Pisces is continuing the conversation of spiritual purpose and mission alignment. We align as we are ready to, our souls just waiting for us to call them in. No longer the soul guide external but the soul form embodied. We are merely mortal humans catching up to the wisdom and truth of our own souls.

The full moon will be conjunct to Saturn, the planet of duty, responsibility, karma, and structure. Pisces and Saturn are seemingly different energies. Pisces seeks no form, and Saturn demands form be taken. Saturn has been in Pisces now for a little while, familiarizing us all with how our dreams can take form. How to bring our spiritual visions into tangible reality.

This full moon will be a marker on that journey of creation. A checkpoint. How are we bringing our dreams to life? Are we taking responsibility for these next creations?

And are we responsibly tending to what still needs to be taken care of and released karmically? Both energies of Saturn and Pisces govern karma. Taking responsibility for our lives and karma comes from deep acknowledgment of the sacred and of self-trust. Trusting the self enough to know that we are capable of moving through harsher lessons, and tending to the next creations to sustain them for the long haul. Taking energetic responsibility. Saturn is the long haul. Building the structures we need to feel spiritually supported and nourished, by the Pisces energies. It can bring a serious overtone to our dreams, but Saturn wants us to stay committed to our karmic releasing process, while staying connected to our dreams and spiritual path.

The sun in Virgo will be opposite to this Saturn energy, creating perhaps some tension or friction between our egoic selves and Saturn’s ask of us. We may feel like we don’t want to put in any more work. We may feel exhausted and spent on energy. We may have been burning all ends of the candlestick of that Virgo laundry list energy. Saturn can feel lacking in compassion here at times, asking us to keep going and tending to the structures we are enacting.

But, of course, with all full moons, and life in general these days, if you are low on energy, it may not be the time to push through. Virgo energy is connected to our physical vessels and even with the infinite energy of the spiritual capacity of Pisces, they do need rest. And allowing ourselves to rest could be the most sacred offering. So tend to your vessel with great care and sacred duty. And notice any patterns to push through and meeting your patterned parts with great compassion for the one in you afraid to rest.

The sun in Virgo will be trine to Jupiter in Taurus, creating some harmony and synergistic symphony for us to expand into our whole and more healed selves. Can we believe in our healing as much as we believe in our brokenness? Both can expand us, deep into fear or propel us into self-belief. Virgo is healing energy. And it is within us even now in physical ailments and bodily discord. And it is in us to know that we are worthy of that expansion even as we are still healing.

Venus in Leo will be square to Jupiter as well, continuing the conversation around relationships, money, self-worth, and self value. Continuing to push us into moments of expansion that feel almost too much for us to fully take in. Can we open a little bit more to the life here for us now?

This full moon is an ending to a story we started long ago. But in the ending there is always a new beginning on the horizon. We all have been through so much. We have endured great hardship, struggle, and challenges, one after the next, never getting a break. Like being in a pressure cooker for far too long. We are exhausted. And at times, we have felt so utterly defeated and hopeless. Like what is the point of all of this? Is there any point?

So much loss. So much devastation. So much darkness telling us to lose all hope. To lose all faith in the self. In the light still guiding us home.

It would be so much easier to give up. And, yet, we know we cannot. We won’t. We will keep going. We will gather together with others in times of despair and choose to believe in love and healing of our planet—despite the show on the black television screen playing back at us. No, we are far too galactic to believe in this narrative anymore. So, we can choose instead to come back to spiritual surrender, to truth, to our intuition, and to our hearts, sovereign and free. Because in spiritual truth, we are already sovereign and free.

So let yourself remember that. Let yourself embody that frequency. Let yourself keep moving through any narratives of pain and separation that you need to. But don’t get stuck there. Let yourself move, and let the energy move. Remember who you are. Remember why you came here.

Out of the embers of the flames, we will rise. Out of the ashes of destruction, we will come together as humanity rooted in our hearts of sovereign truth. Let this full moon remind you that releasing the outdated structures of belief is the bravest thing you could do, in higher mission to the cosmic soul, of which you are innately interwoven into. Let yourself become more you. More soul in body. Body in soul.

Let this full moon remind you of the new beginning woven into the ending. Let it grace you with compassion for your human journey and experience to date. Brave, beautiful soul you. Can you see it yet? Can you feel it yet? You are already on your way. You are already there. You are nowhere and everywhere. You are lost and you are found. You are. You are. You. Are. Here. For. Just a little while. Until this next breath. And then the next. So let yourself breathe. And let yourself be. In the vastness of your own being. Holding. You. So. Close.

May you feel held in this too. And let yourself be held. Worthy of being held by the love cosmically woven in your veins. You. The. Cosmic. Soul. Remembering. Itself.


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