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August 31, 2023

Why is Enlightenment difficult for us to return to being what we already are (layers of conditioning)?

Yes, enlightenment and the resultant liberation are indeed our natural state of being!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, states that

Efforts are needed for the daily mundane life but not for attaining liberation, because liberation is the very nature (natural state) of the Self. Water, by its nature, is cool. One has to make an effort to heat it but is any effort required to cool it? No, no effort is required. It will cool on its own because that is its natural state.


But how can you understand this? In reality, you are free, but dense illusion and ignorance prevents you from knowing this.


This illusion can never be destroyed until you meet a Gnani Purush

The Gnani Purush will destroy this illusion for you, so look for a Gnani Purush. Look for a living Gnani Purush!!!


Look for the One who is liberated. Look for the One who has crossed the ocean of life and has the power to help countless others do the same. Find such a person and follow him fearlessly.

If you want liberation (and to start with, enlightenment), ultimately you will have to go to the Gnani. Even when you want to go to Dadar Railway Station, you have to ask someone who knows the way there. But this path to liberation is narrow, complicated and like a labyrinth. If you attempt it on your own, you are bound to get lost. So look for a Gnani and follow his footsteps exactly.


When you get proper guidance, you will reach your destination of the enlightened pure Soul

It is the easiest way to get Self-Realization from One who has realized it. An Enlightened person can enlighten your pure Soul.

The Enlightened One explains:

Suppose there is a kid of three years old. He wants to learn A, B, C, D, …. 1, 2, 3. He can’t do it himself. Even if you give him a notebook and a pencil, he will just make a line. But he doesn’t know this is one and what is two. Somebody must make him realize this is one, this is two. Hence, a teacher is required.


Likewise, here (for enlightenment), the Enlightened being (Gnani) is required. With the grace of the Self-Realized person, you will also get realization of Pure Soul. Once you achieve that thing, then there will not be any confusion and no doubt will remain. So this is a simple solution.


From your side, you just have to maintain, “I don’t know about the pure Soul. I heartily wish to get this knowledge. Please give me the knowledge of Self-Realization (enlightenment).”Only this much is required.

Gnani can bestow enlightenment in just one hour

You don’t have to do anything nor do you have to give anything in return. When you come to Gnani for liberation, there are only two requirements:

  1. The belief of ‘I do not know anything’ and
  2. Utter humility.

The belief of ‘I know something’ is in fact intoxication

Real knowledge is enlightenment. It is ‘light’, and where there is light, one does not stumble.

So how can you say, ‘I know’ when you keep stumbling at every step on the way? Have any of your worries gone away? If you had real knowledge, you would not have any worries. How can I fill your pot when your pot is half filled with your belief of ‘I know something’? But if your pot is empty, then I would fill it up with nectar (of enlightenment). Then you can go wherever you want, live your worldly life, get your children married, just make sure that you abide by my Agnas (words of Gnani),” says Param Pujya Dadashri.


These Agnas given by Gnani will help us be what we already are!

To take care of the layers of conditioning, the Enlightened One advises:

You be in touch with us because it is given knowledge. So there are so many confusions, so many beliefs we are having because of whatever we are doing from the day we want liberation, we want salvation, so we are going on doing something up to this life. But whatever you are doing with doership, it won’t help you reach to realization of pure Soul (enlightenment)!

You can attend satsang, and be in touch with us. You may ask whether what you are doing is correct or wrong, what is correct? And we will explain to you so that your wrong belief (layers of conditioning) gets fractured, and the right understanding that you are getting from this satsang will make your understanding more and more clear. Then only you will get more and more experience of pure Soul.


  • First, the understanding should be clear.
  • Then, the awareness, and
  • Then, the experience of pure Soul.

These are the three steps.

When you remain in touch with us, step-by-step your awareness will increase, and will further your experience of pure Soul exactly. That’s why we always prefer that you should remain in satsang, in touch with us!

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