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September 13, 2023

How can a soul be born in different bodies with different qualities and characteristics?

Soul is an eternal element; that which is eternal is never born nor does it ever die

The Soul is immortal. It was, it is and will always remain the same for everyone. The Soul does not undergo any change whatsoever; that which changes is the body. When one physical body dies, the Soul continues its journey with a new body that is born.

The Enlightened One explains:

There are six eternal elements in this world; they are everlasting. But when they revolve around each other, the phases of the element occur. And we are seeing these phases.

Phases are always temporary, and the element is always permanent

Just like Sun, Moon and Earth revolve around each other, and phases of the Moon is what we can see. The phases of Moon are temporary, but the Moon is not temporary. Likewise, Soul is not temporary, but human beings, animals, insects (different bodies with different qualities and characteristics that we see) are all phases of the Soul, which are temporary.

The different bodies with different qualities and characteristics happen because:

There are two things:

1. The development on the journey of Soul, and

2. The results of karma.

The Enlightened One further explains that:

There are 3 divisions in this world.

1. Liberated Souls. They have already reached the stage of ultimate salvation. And therefore, they are not going to come back in this world (meaning they have completed their journey). They are free from all the worldly bondages.

2. Worldly living creatures. These are living beings, from one-sensed to five-sensed and upto human, whom we can see in this world. These beings are in bondages (of karma covering over the Soul).

3. Living beings who have not entered into the worldly cycle, as yet (they are called Nigod). Before the living being enters into the worldly cycle, there is a stage (the initial stage) wherein there is total covering on the Soul. In this stage, the Soul is not spoilt nor destroyed.

The Soul is there, but it is totally covered (with dense layers of coverings of karma). So, not a single ray of light of knowledge of Soul is able to come out. They (such living beings) are called nigod. There are infinite Souls in this stage, they are fully covered; not a single sense has been developed in these living beings, as yet; they are in dormant stage.

When one Soul from this world attains liberation, one Soul from the Nigod comes into this world.

Only a little covering from over the Soul of the Nigod gets removed, wherefrom little light of Soul comes out; and thus one sense is developed (one is born in a body of one-sensed living being). With this, the particular living being begins his journey in this world, and gradually develops from one-sensed to two-sensed, three-sensed, four sensed, five-sensed and then comes into human life-form where his mind, intellect, ego gets developed.

And ultimately, when one gets Self-Realization, the worldly development completes there; new karmas stop being charged then; and when discharge of all old karmas finish, one attains liberation!

This is how the journey of (every) Soul happens,

1. from a total dormant stage where there is no knowledge or no vision at all,

2. and then develops from one-sensed to five-sensed living being and evolves upto human form,

3. and finally attains liberation.

The Soul is completely separate from the body

Just like this cloth and our body, are they not separate? That’s how the body and the Soul are separate; completely and utterly separate.

But not knowing really ‘who am I’ (the Self), the ignorant Soul wrongly believes, ‘I am the body. I am the doer.’ Due to these wrong beliefs there is death and rebirth, life after life, for countless of lifetimes in different life-forms, namely:

· Celestial

· Human

· Animal

· Hell

In phases of infinite lifetimes, the Soul always remains the same; it exists in its own nature forever

However, for innumerable births, the Soul has had to accompany the body complex. But when one, in the human form, meets the Gnani Purush, one can achieve liberation. Gnani, the Enlightened One, fractures the wrong belief of, ‘I am the body or the name given to the body’ and makes one realize ‘I am really a pure Soul.’

The Soul has never become impure, not even for a second

The Soul of everyone is the same and is completely pure. If it had become impure, then no one in this world would have been able to purify it.

However, just like gold never gets impure, but it lies in mixture form with other metals in an ornament, similarly the Soul has never become impure but lies amidst the non-self complex in our body. And just like we require a goldsmith to separate gold from other metals, we need the Living Gnani to separate the Self from the non-Self (the body complex).

So come, let’s go to the Living Gnani and attain Self-Realization, so that we too can break out from the vicious cycle of birth and death that is going on since infinite lifetimes.

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