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September 25, 2023

What is the difference between spiritual awakening and enlightenment?

In a spiritual path called Akram vignan, spiritual awakening, also known as Self-realization and enlightenment, is understood uniquely. Here is an explanation of their meanings and experiences within the context of Akram Vignan:

Spiritual Awakening (awareness of the Self): In Akram Vignan, spiritual awakening is referred to as “waking up to the knowledge of who am I.” It is the initial phase where an individual becomes aware of their true nature as a pure Soul separate from the mind, body, and ego. This awakening occurs through the grace of the enlightened one (Gnani Purush), who bestows the knowledge of the Self through a Self-realisation ceremony termed Gnan Vidhi. During Gnan Vidhi, one experiences a shift in perspective, realising eternal and blissful nature as a Soul. This awakening brings about a sense of inner bliss and detachment from worldly difficulties through the application of this science.

Enlightenment (Keval Gnan): In Akram Vignan, enlightenment is known as “Keval Gnan.” It is the final and ultimate state of Spiritual awakening. Keval Gnan is a state of absolute liberation where the individual attains a direct and unwavering experience of their true Self as the eternal and pure Soul. In this state, the illusion of the ego completely dissolves, leading to a permanent and unshakable experience of bliss and oneness with all that is. It is a state of complete freedom from the cycle of birth and death and a deep understanding of the true nature of the Pure Soul.

One can say that they are spiritually awakened when:

  • A deep conviction arises that “I am a Pure Soul,” initiating a profound awareness of this truth. As a result, worries dissipate because one gains a clear understanding of the true doer behind actions, leading to unwavering stability even in challenging circumstances.
  • The inner weaknesses of anger, greed, pride, and deceit gradually diminish, intensifying the Self’s bliss. With the application of the scientific principles of Akram Vignan, the experience of eternal peace, happiness, and harmony with all living beings begins to manifest.
  • Self-Realisation fosters a profound love for all living beings, giving rise to a sincere intent for the salvation of the world. This transformation brings forth a sense of oneness with every individual, recognising that the True Self (Soul) is inherently the same in everyone.

In summary:

The experience of spiritual awakening is a profound shift in perception, where one becomes aware of their pure Soul nature. On attaining spiritual awareness, one experiences freedom from all kinds of unhappiness in this very life. Even amid extreme suffering, you will experience the bliss of the Soul from within. This science brings a sense of inner peace and freedom from worldly troubles.

And enlightenment, on the other hand, is the pinnacle of Self-realisation, where the individual permanently resides in the awareness of their true Self as the pure soul, experiencing boundless bliss and liberation from the cycles of life and death. Simply put, Spiritual awakening can be seen as a stepping stone or a preliminary stage on the path towards final enlightenment.

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