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October 3, 2023

What does it mean to be fully awakened spiritually, mentally, and physically to one’s true self?

To be fully awakened means to be fully aware!!

Absolute (fully) awakened awareness is the absolute knowledge (Keval-Gnan). There is nothing other than this Kevalgnan and yet it is nothing new. There is not a trace of unawareness present. It is considered absolute awareness when there is not even slightest ‘dozing’ (unawareness of and as the Self). People in general have the worldly awareness; however, this awareness is not complete.

~ Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

Every living being is really an Aatma (the Soul, which is one’s true Self)

The Soul is capable of illuminating the entire Universe. Our true Self is this Aatma (the Soul), which has infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite energy and infinite bliss. Yet, we experience so much of helplessness, suffering, pain and insecurity. Bizzare, isn’t it?!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being, explains:

“The entire world is in bhaavnindra. Bhaavnindra means to be asleep and unaware of the Self (the true Self). The other type of sleep is the physical sleep (dehanindra), where one sleeps and also one does not have the awareness of the Self. So, in the latter, one is asleep, both to the Self (‘I am pure Soul’) and the non-Self (‘I am John’).


During physical sleep, a person is not aware of his body. He becomes aware of his body when he wakes up; however, he is still unaware of the Self (bhaavnindra). He continually harms himself while in this state of unawareness of the Self. Anger, pride, deceit and greed arise as a result of bhaavnindra. And it is bhaavnindra that is the cause of slightest hurt to others. The entire world is in bhaavnindra. Wake up! I have come here to tell you only one thing, and that is to wake up. Do you want to remain asleep or do you want to wake up? How long are you going to remain asleep in this way?”


The essence of human life is to get awakened and remain only in ‘Self’.

The Soul is the real Self. But from time immemorial, we have not known this real Self. Owing to our ignorance of the Self, we have always lived in an illusion. And years after, life after life, this illusion has only multiplied. It has multiplied infinitely.

Spiritually, this state of illusion is called a state of deep sleep.

It is only when one is awakened from this slumber, that he becomes aware of the Self. This awakening is called spiritual awakening. And it occurs only through Self Realization. Once the real Self is realized, the awareness of the Self begins.

What does it mean to be awakened?

When one is awake, one would not have ongoing clashes with anyone, for that matter one would not have any conflict with anyone, one would not have dissension because of differing opinions with anyone, nor would one have any worries. Spiritually, when fully awakened, there is natural oneness with the pure Soul.

In the early stages of awareness:

  • nobody ever suffers because of us, and
  • subsequently, we never have any suffering because of others.

Real happiness manifests as the awareness of the Self increases. Such awareness arises after one attains the knowledge of the Self (Self-Realization).

Self-Realization cannot be attained by one’s own efforts.

We need a Living Gnani, the Enlightened One, who can help us realize our real Self, for Gnani has the divine power to remove the obstacles that do not allow us to realize the Self.

On the path of Akram Vignan – the current, unique, non-sequential and direct path to Self-realization, the Self-awareness is easily gained by the grace of the Gnani in just two-hour time! The constant presence of the complete knowledge in the form of Gnata (the Self as the ‘Knower’) and the gneya (object to be known) is called complete awareness! To ceaselessly remain in the special directives (Agnas) of the Gnani Purush is considered a high level of awareness! The application of seeing pure Soul in every living being is also a high level of awareness.

So come, let’s go to Gnani and get ourselves awakened to our true Self!!

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