November 15, 2023

9 Things to Do When You Feel Heavy in Your Heart.


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“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” ~ Roger Ebert


Are there days when you wake up feeling heavy?

Perhaps, a little dazed, lost, and confused, and you want to shut the world out, stay in, and just breathe.

Yeah, all that you want and can do those days is just breathe…that’s all.

You have this inexplicable heaviness that won’t go. There’s no problem, solution, nothing to be done. All you want and can do is stay with it.

At times, even when you try to talk to it, it doesn’t really say anything. It’s this load on your chest that you can’t do anything about. You can’t put it down, can’t let it stay on, can’t talk to it.

Eventually, you’re just okay with it staying there, and after some time, you realise that it’s actually trying to tell you something.

It’s telling you that you don’t feel okay and that something is bothering you. Underneath all this heaviness are so many emotions that are struggling to come up and get your attention. Maybe something isn’t going right, someone hurt you, your past is coming up to haunt you, or you’re just struggling to find your way through life. It could be anything and sometimes nothing at all.

Whatever the reason may be, when this heaviness strikes don’t run away.

“Our emotions are not transformed by trying harder but by seeing more clearly.” ~ Mike Bickle

Let it stay and let it stay.

Give it time.

Here are a few things you can do on these difficult days:

1. Slow down and allow yourself to tune in to the wisdom of your heaviness.

2. Write down your thoughts and feelings so that you can give a channel to what you’re feeling.

3. Take the day off to give yourself the time and space that you need.

4. Talk to someone or don’t talk at all—whatever feels right in the moment.

5. Go for a walk or just sit amidst nature to ground yourself and let your thoughts flow.

6. Paint, draw, or color—it’s soothing.

7. Listen to sad songs instead of distracting yourself with the feel good ones. Listening to mellow music allows your emotions to flow out, and sometimes you really need that.

8. Take yourself out on a date. Spend time with yourself—grab a coffee, window shop, or just lose yourself in the crowd for a while.

9. Do nothing at all and let the day pass.

“Feel the feeling but don’t become the emotion. Witness it, allow it, release it.” ~ Crystal Andrus

Whether or not you actively do something doesn’t matter. What matters is that you give yourself time to understand what this heaviness is trying to say.

At the end of the day, this heaviness is a part of you that wants to talk…so let it stay for a while.

Whether it stays or goes, that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you stay and listen.

“Our emotions have a mind of their own, one which can hold views quite independently of our rational mind.” ~ Daniel Goleman


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