November 17, 2023

Choosing the Right Partner with Ruth Leah Schwartz (in conversation with Waylon Lewis).


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Neuroplasticity, Lesbian love, Choosing the Right Partner, Compatibility…oh my! I love Ruth! She’s so wise and kind and fun. ~ Waylon

Waylon w/Ruth Leah Schwartz on Conscious Relationships. {Part 2}

In Part One, Waylon and Ruth spoke about about (lesbian and other) relationships, communication, U-hauls and island living. Give it a listen before diving into Part Two.

Here, in Part Two, Ruth is back and they talk sex, sexuality, communication and…can we actually grow up and change or are our brains stuck, solid? Neuroplasticity is a big, fancy word that Ruth explains to Waylon.

“Deep emotional change is hard. We are creatures of habit, and our neural pathways are set up to make things simpler in this complex world. And so, of course, if there’s well worn grooves, we’re going to follow them over and over and over.

And…if there weren’t learning possible, none of us would be here. We have brains that are capable of incredible learning. We see examples of that every day.” ~ Ruth Leah Schwartz

A clip of our conversation: 

“Part of what I see people do is not choose the right partner for them. But we often show up as not the right partner, ourselves. How do you really choose the right partner knowing who you are, knowing what matters to you in your life, what you want—including sexually?

We place so much emphasis on that initial chemistry, when we get all lit up. It’s the most compelling experience that most human beings ever have. It’s phenomenal…and it’s not trustworthy in terms of compatibility.” ~ Ruth Leah Schwartz


Or listen to the podcast: 

“You have to have the skills to implement your own relationship vision, because lots of us might want things, but it doesn’t mean we’re capable of them. It’s a matter of recognizing that there’s something we really want and building capacity for it.” ~ Ruth Leah Schwartz

Want the rest of this convo? Find it here.


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