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November 15, 2023

Is Nirvana a state of being beyond all suffering, or is it the experience of supreme bliss?

Yes, Nirvana is a state that is beyond all suffering, and yes, it is the experience of supreme bliss as well. When one attains Nirvana, one attains the ultimate Moksha.

So, how does one gain this Moksha?

Moksha is achieved in two stages:

● In the first stage of Moksha, one experiences freedom from all suffering in this very life. Along with freedom from suffering, one also starts feeling that, ‘I am free’; the feeling of liberation, the awareness of something being different from one’s usual routine. This happens when one realises that “I am a pure Soul and these worldly things have nothing to do with the Soul.” Thereafter, this awareness of liberation continues to prevail.

● And the final stage of Moksha happens when one becomes free from all karmas and attains ‘Nirvana’ or the ultimate salvation. There is no rebirth thereafter. This is termed as the second and the final stage of liberation.

Nirvana means one’s constant wandering from one birth to another has come to an end. This happens when every karma has been dissolved.

Human to Nirvana…

Every living being is stuck in the perpetual cycle of birth and death until one has not realised their real Self – the pure Soul. Every living being is a pure Soul. But there are coverings of karma on this Soul, due to which every living being is wandering from one life form to another. Every living being is in journey, moving from one realm to another, experiencing the fruits of one’s own karma – be it merit or demerit.

The four realms comprise of:

● Celestial,

● Hell,

● Human &

● Animal Kingdom

Everyone gains a life-form based on his or her stock of merit and demerit karmas. If the person has caused great pain to others throughout their present life, he binds such demerit karma that will take him to the Animal Kingdom in his next life. And when one has caused extreme pain to someone, one is forced to go even to hell. Eg. If people cheat others or hurt others, then they will go to Animal Kingdom and if they kill someone, then they could even go to Hell.

On the other hand, if one gives a lot of happiness to others without thinking about one’s self, he binds enormous merit karma which takes him to the Celestial realm. Or if one has performed good and bad deeds, having done more of good deeds, one gets born as a Human.

When in human life-form, one has the brilliant chance of putting a stop to all of this wandering, and that is by attaining Self-realisation. Through Akram Vignan this becomes possible in just 2 hours time, as it happens directly through the grace of the Enlightened One (Gnani). He, with his divine spiritual powers, destroys all our deluding demerit karmas and puts in a line of separation between the Soul (Aatma) and the body (Anatma), and thus helps us realise our real Self.

On the path of Akram Vignan, during the Self-realisation ceremony, one becomes aware of the Self. Once the Self (Soul) is awakened, the awareness never leaves, provided one follows the words of Gnani. The awareness of the Soul continues to increase day by day and the previously charged karma gradually starts to fade away. And ultimately, when all karma finish i.e. no covering whatsoever remains on the Soul, one attains Nirvana, a state that is beyond all sufferings forever, experiencing the supreme bliss that is eternal!

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