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November 18, 2023

What are some easy ways to integrate Spirituality into my everyday life?

To understand how to integrate spirituality into our everyday life easily, we must first precisely recognise what is spirituality.

The spiritual science of Akram Vignan explains that the first and foremost step in spirituality is to discover one’s real Self. Any suffering is solely due to ignorance of the Self – this is the biggest cause of all problems, misunderstanding and confusion that we experience in our daily life.

Self-realisation starts with removing the darkness within i.e. the suffering, confusion, misunderstanding, ignorance, etc. and replaces it with the bright light of the Self – the right understanding and the vision of the Self.

Akram Vignan does not require us to change the way we live or interact. Rather it is easily and simply integrated into everyday life through the right understanding and vision of the Self. Once one understands the answer to ‘who am I’ and which entity is the doer, then everything starts to fall naturally into place.

Following the attainment of Self-realisation, the conviction of ‘I really am a pure Soul’ sets within us.

● This conviction of the Self enables us to lessen negative emotions such as anger, ego, deceit, greed, jealousy, rivalries, hatred, etc. These are key sources of pain and suffering for us and others.

● In every situation, as we understand that no one is an independent doer and that this world runs naturally, we are able to accept the situation for what it is rather than seeking justice or validation.

● ‘Adjust Everywhere’ is one of the most effective ways to integrate spirituality into our everyday life.

● Even when one is caught in an extremely difficult relationship, by applying this science, one is able to succeed in resolving the conflict amicably and that too without causing pain to the other person concerned.

● As we get onto the path of spirituality, our deep inner intent in every circumstance remains that of may no living being be hurt through my speech, thoughts or actions. This becomes the basis of our daily routine.

● With the right understanding of the science of karma and the flawless vision that we gain after Self-Realization, asking for forgiveness (pratikraman) becomes a natural part of us.

● In any given scenario, we begin to see our own faults rather than seeing the faults of others. Principally, we begin to understand how everyone in this world is faultless, and how whatever happens in this world is justice. This flawless vision is because we now have the vision of the Self.

● As the awareness of ‘I am a pure Soul, separate from the worldly self’ increases, our interference in the day-to-day activities decreases, and therefore every work gets done by the worldly self naturally and effortlessly.

● As the awareness of ‘I am a pure Soul’ increases, one is able to increasingly remain detached and unaffected when difficulties arise.

When you attain Self-realisation, you will be in the constant awareness of a pure Soul and will be able to apply spiritual knowledge practically in all daily things as Akram Vignan easily gives solutions that work in sync with our everyday life as well as one’s own spiritual development. So let’s go, what are you waiting for?

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