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December 21, 2023

Does Destiny play a role in creating successful outcomes?


Individual choices and actions create destiny. And destiny, in turn, plays a role in creating outcomes.

Based on the teachings of the Enlightened One, let’s understand what this science is…

Whatever happens in this world is a result of Nature’s law – the law of cause and effect!

We have made the cause and we are getting its effect, which we term as destiny. We make the cause through our choices, as in the inner intent that prevails within at that point of time.

For instance, suppose in the past life, you intended that may nice temples of God get built, and if possible, I would like to donate something like Rs. 50000/- for this purpose.

Through this intent of yours, you created your own destiny.

What destiny??

Now, in this life, suppose some construction of a temple is being planned in your surroundings. And one day, the trustees there approach you for some contribution. When this happens, you immediately say, “Yes, yes, I certainly want to give for this good cause” and you succeed in donating a sum of Rs. 50000/- to them. This was destined to happen, and thus it happened.

And as a result of this action of yours, that of donating money for the construction of temple, people will give respect to you and shall honour you with garlands, and will also praise you for being a good donor, “Oh you are such a generous donor. You gave a very big donation for making of the temple.”, etc.

This is how destiny plays a role in creating successful outcomes.

And again, after donating, if you feel, “I wish I had more money so that I could donate even more, for such a noble cause.” This new choice of yours creates your future destiny such that you will be able to donate once again, and this time, it would be a bigger amount than before.

On the other hand, if you would feel, “Nowadays, people dupe in the name of collecting donation. I shouldn’t have donated any amount to these people.” Owing to this intent, your destiny would be such that you will not be able to donate any money in your next life, and also, people will defame and discredit you for no reason. This is how our own choices and actions shaped our destiny, and in return, destiny played its role in creating for such a bitter outcome!

Hence, intent (choice) and action (thoughts, words or acts) are two different things.

The fruit of intent comes in next life whereas the fruit of action comes in this life itself.

  • The intent is called the cause.
  • The action that we can see is called the fruit of intent or the effect of our cause made.
  • The reward or punishment that we receive, which we term as an outcome of success or failure, is the fruit of our action, or in other words, the effect of the effect.

Such is the law of karma!

The seeds of karmas are sown in the past life in the form of our intent, and they give their fruits in this life, which we term as destiny. These fruits are pre-determined, and are delivered by Nature.

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