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December 3, 2023

If good Karma results in Spiritual Advancement, then what is wealth and riches result of (if it is not result of good karma)?

While wealth and riches are a result of good Karma, it is also true that good karma leads us to spiritual advancement.

Good deeds like:- Donating large amounts of money, doing religious practices, helping the poor, helps one bind good karma. And while doing these deeds, in case one’s inner intent too is equally pious and pure, it results in one’s spiritual development too.

The Enlightened One explains:

For example, when we worship God with pure love and devotion, we are sowing the seeds of good karma. The result of these seeds will give us happiness in the form of good life and good luck. We will experience positivity around us easily and effortlessly. When we are surrounded in a good environment, our thoughts mature enough to rise in spiritual development, and this results in binding more merit karmas; with the help of which eventually, we are able to meet a Gnani, an Enlightened being in person!!! And this opens up the path of our ultimate liberation.

How is Karma Bound?

Whatever activity is seen or perceived by the five senses is actually a fruit of karma. The seed of this lies in the inner intent that we go with or support within at the time of performing that activity. This is what binds karma!

There are two scenarios to understand this:

First scenario:- Suppose one has a pure intent of donating money to help the noble cause, then good karmas (causes) get charged, the result of which would in turn be good. Consequently, one becomes rich and wealthy in his next life.

Second scenario:- if one donates money with a bad or a malign intent, this binds bad karmas for his next life. Whenever bad karmic effects will unfold, they shall result in bringing obstacles in money matters in his next life.

Hence, good karma, when done with a good inner intent, binds merit karma that yields one a rich and palatial life in his next life. Riches and wealth are a result of good karma bound with pure inner intent. And simultaneously, one also advances spiritually. On the other hand, Good karma done with a bad inner intent yields one to be poor in his next life, and at the same time, it results in one’s own spiritual decline as well!

And in case one’s inner intent is to get liberated, one will get the link to Gnani in his next life, from whom he shall attain Self realization and get onto the path of ultimate liberation.

Breaking the Karmic Bondage

Good and bad karma leads into a vicious cycle of birth and death that keeps us in constant Bondage? As Good karma results in ease and luxury and bad karma in pain and misery, one has to compulsorily pay for his karmic debts.

So can one break through the shackles of this Karma and tread on the path to Salvation? The answer is yes. It is possible to permanently break through the cycle of these Karmas through the amazing power of Akram Science as realized by The Enlightened One, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan!

The path to break the karmic bondage begins from the point one attains the Knowledge of the pure Soul, the Self! It is because the root cause of the Karmic bondage is the Ignorance of one’s own identity! Believing that “I’m this name and I’m doing this” binds karmic seeds. And on realizing one’s own Self, the belief of ‘I’m this name’ is broken by the new awareness of, ‘I am pure Soul, separate from the mind, body and speech.’ This awareness is such that it never leaves!

It stops the charging of new karmas while we have to bear the fruits of our past life karmas by maintaining equanimity! When all the karmas are exhausted, one attains final Liberation!

Self Realization

One attains Self Realization merely through the grace of the Living Enlightened One, who has the extraordinary ability to impart the awareness of the Self to others as well! After attaining this Knowledge, the gross results of good or bad karmas do not touch us as we experience an everlasting bliss!

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