December 11, 2023

Reignite Your Faith with the New Moon in Sagittarius. {December 12}

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“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” ~ C. Palahniuk 


In a world that continually tests your ability to rise, the Sagittarius New Moon calls to you like the soft-spoken whisper of your ancestors.

A reminder that nothing is ever truly lost which is meant for you and that often in order to truly embrace all that is you need to reach the point of total surrender. Of a meeting the space of impossibility and destiny where only your choice determines the outcome.

A New Moon is flush with new beginnings, and while you may already have your sights set upon the New Year with hope and promise, these last few weeks of 2023 will determine whether 2024 carries the abundance of blessings—or only the continued cycle of healing. While there is never a point of perfection to reach in your own divine journey, there are moments in which the universe asks, “Are you ready for the next level?” This is the precursor to the growth you’ve dreamed of, and as the year comes to a dramatic close, it’s one which also lays within your hands to bring to fruition.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer—the one that represents ultimate truth and the ability to discern what is authentic from the temptations that lay scattered around your feet like broken wishbones. It’s the ability to believe in something, and at times in anything, that can help you trust the path ahead is the one that will lead to the newness your soul craves. But within every meaning, there is also a veil of illusion that must be lifted to see what is real. Yet, only you can make that determination; only you can find it within your power to trust the path ahead, embrace what is real, and make the most of each moment this year has left to bring.

As joy may fall like the soft snow around this time of year, there is also the feeling of heaviness as you realize a turning point has been reached. Life will no longer and never again be as it was when the year began. Instead, you’ve journeyed through the tunnel of truth, understanding, and being able to choose the right thing even when it was the last choice you wanted to make. While there have been moments of bliss, 2023 will forever be known as the year the truth could no longer be avoided, and so how aptly beautiful that the last New Moon will be in the zodiac sign, which represents just that.

During this time, you’ve discovered that while situations or relationships weren’t what you had originally thought, you’ve also been set free to discover what will be better than you have dreamed. Through that lens, hope and faith are reignited as you realize that everything has occurred precisely as it was meant to, and because of that, no time has been lost, nothing wasted, and instead, you have arrived right on time to embrace your destiny.

Allow yourself to surrender, fall to your knees if you will, but most of all, come back to yourself. Not to the voices of the world that tell you that you are not enough, that there isn’t time, or somehow you are wrong for believing that life is supposed to be more. Inside your heart there is a space of knowing, one that often humans don’t allow themselves to access because to know also means to act. But having faith, believing in all the mysteries the world will reveal, allows yourself to step into your own divinity. To believe that a feeling supersedes logic and that perhaps your heart might know the way after all.

Give yourself the gift of believing, trusting that although so much may seem lost or even forsaken, that underneath it all beats the beauty of surrender, healing, and the miraculous growth that comes from understanding what you are worth. There is no right way to live this life, but only how the universe calls to your soul like the only star on a darkened night. It’s the space of full breath and eyes that catches all the busyness misses. Because while it has been a year of endings, you are now on the precipice of the greatest beginning you’ve ever encountered.

So much is spoken of the fall, the moment of loss, of disbelief that rarely do we concede it is also the moment of your rising—your comeback. And to get to the space of true, authentic, radical joy, you must crumble. You must burn every bridge you no longer are meant to cross because while the past has built you, it doesn’t mean it’s meant to keep growing with you.

Spend time in your heart as the Sagittarius New Moon, Chiron the wounded healer in Aries, and Neptune in Pisces dance together, bringing peace to your soul and the reminder that this truly is only just the beginning. To have faith is to trust, to understand the darkness doesn’t last forever, and to believe unequivocally that the best truly is yet to come. Faith is built upon acceptance, the forgiveness and release of what was, and the trust that you don’t have to understand each moment in order to find peace. Faith asks you to perch softly on the edge of reason, as you prepare to spread your wings and fly.

Because when it’s time to take flight, you’ll know, and until then, smile at the sweet simplicity that is just awaiting you on the horizon.

New Moon in Sagittarius Ritual

>> Write down what you want to find faith in during the new lunar cycle, which will peak with the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23, 2024.

>> Take this and fold it three times and place it in an offering dish.

>> Sprinkle in a bit of rosemary for healing, cinnamon for abundance, and dandelion for hope.

>> Take your offering under the darkness of the new moon and safely burn it as you repeat the affirmation, “I have faith that everything is happening for my highest good and the highest good for all those involved.”

>> Once the ashes have cooled, return them to the wind, and exhale any doubt or heaviness.


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