December 19, 2023

Quitting My Job was Scary for Me—this Oracle cunningly took the Anxiety Away.


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This article is written in partnership with Shankara Oracle. They’re dedicated to awakening you to your pure, authentic Self—we’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.

Today was the day I finally pressed send on an email I had sitting in my drafts for almost a week.

It was an email to my manager, stating that my last day of work would be in two weeks.

I went back and forth for five days about whether or not I actually wanted to quit, but after time and time again of being let down, I decided it was time. It wasn’t an easy decision, but as soon as I pressed “send” I felt a relief that I couldn’t have anticipated.

My plan was to send the email five days ago, but I didn’t. Since then, I came down with a nasty flu, have been having stress dreams every night (multiple times a night), and today I saw two snakes outside, and a slug inside my home.

Those who know me, know I will 1000% be looking and feeling into the meanings of these animal symbols—and guess what—all signs pointed to letting go and transformation, reminding me that I am protected and with clearing the space, room is being made for something bigger.

A conversation with my mom further confirmed what I knew to be true, and I declared to her that once our call was finished, I would do what I had been putting off for almost a week—I would send the email sitting in my drafts.

Being an astrologer myself and knowing the Sun and Mars have been traversing through my sixth house of daily routines, I anticipated a shift would happen—and after the last full moon in Gemini I was able to release an abundance of fear (through many tears shed) and cultivate trust in myself and a higher power to know I would be okay.

After pressing send on the email, I looked over at my new Shankara Oracle (still in the box) and thought to myself; what better time than now to dive in?

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I hadn’t tried it yet—I’m not sure if I was waiting for the perfect moment or if I was scared of what would come up, or a bit of both.

As soon as I opened the brown, cardboard packing box, I saw the box of The Shankara Oracle. I was instantly flooded with love. The beautiful, soft, yet bright colors; and a scent that transported me straight to a temple, even though I was sitting at my living room coffee table.

I opened the box and couldn’t help but smile.

I’m an avid collector of all things metaphysical—my shelves are stacked with more oracle cards, tarot, crystals, and books about spirituality than the average person—but I’ve never seen anything like The Shankara Oracle. The care put into this oracle was already a step above the rest.

I felt held, I felt loved, and these feelings confirmed this was exactly what I needed at this moment—all before even seeing everything inside.

It took me a moment to catch my bearings, as The Shankara Oracle is easily the most extensive oracle I’ve ever used; including boxes of cards, pouches of stones, and more.

I felt comfortable after looking around and reading the instructions. Ready to get started, I took a deep breath, set an intention, put my hand in the bag of stones, and picked out a handful of four stones while thinking of my question.

“How can I best move forward since resigning from my job?”

Dropping the stones in the center of the board, I instantly felt excited (and slightly nervous) about what would come next.

The first stones that caught my eye were two of the sacred oracle stones—Amaya and Bhavuka. In tiny letters under each read the words “uneasy” and “alignment.”

You’ve got to be kidding me…

I let out an audible howl of laughter because I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing. I didn’t even need to read the description because I already knew it was about to call me out.

But of course I continued on to read the message.

I flipped to the page with the full message and found Amaya, where this line jumped off the page:

“Reexamine your intentions, acknowledge and release your negative attributes, and be mindful that you invited whatever has provoked your discomfort.”

As much as I hate to admit it, I did invite my discomfort. We all do, in one way or another.

I allowed everything that I got—the disrespect, being taken advantage of, the manipulation—all of it.

“Is your job aligned with your core interests, or is it something you suffer through?”

At this point it felt like The Shankara Oracle was mocking me—and I loved every second of it.

“When we undervalue our Selves, there are repercussions. We might deny our talents for safety, comfort, or fame.”

That’s exactly what I had been doing. I didn’t value myself, so how could I expect my employer to do the same?

Initially, I took this job as a safety net and an opportunity to learn while I continued to build my astrology business. My part time job quickly became number one on the priority list—before myself and my own business (the whole reason I took this job to begin with). My mental health started taking a toll before I didn’t even know who I was anymore or where I was headed.

“Right the ship by shifting your thinking and making more empowering choices.”

Check. Email sent. Signed, sealed, delivered—I quit.

After being (rightfully) called out by Amaya, I moved onto Bhavuka.

“You are ready to make bold moves aligned with your authentic self.”

That was all the confirmation I needed to hear.

I continued on, being led to the words patience, reframe, and rise up—reminding me to take time, return to the love I know I am, and to release the need to know what’s next.

Quitting my job was scary for me. Even though I only worked a few hours a week, it felt safe.

It felt like what I was supposed to do, but it wasn’t what truly fulfilled my soul.

For the longest time I was hearing the voices of my parents, my grandparents, and those who embedded the belief that work was never meant to be joyful—it was meant to be something you do to put food on the table, and you do it no matter what.

I never really felt okay with that notion, and I see it in the newer generation as well. We demand respect, and I somehow forgot about that when I fell into the routine of working in this position.

Somehow it was instilled in me that quitting is failing—but what if quitting is actually winning? Having the courage to walk away from a situation that is not healthy is considered a big win in my book.

“Reframing our experiences can brighten our hearts, illuminate our lives, and open doors to joy.”

And that’s exactly where The Shankara Oracle led me.

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At this point I could feel tingles washing over my skull, light taps on my back, and my spine grew taller as I felt the support behind and all around me.

I could feel the presence of love in the room. I knew I wasn’t alone, and I felt so comforted in knowing my angels and ancestors have my back.

Even reflecting on this, I feel puddles of tears pooling in my bottom eyelids; I feel my heart expanding with the love that feels more easily accessible since having this experience with Shankara.

The arrows then led me to the numbers 9 and 11—two numbers I’m quite familiar with in the name of numerology.

“If something does not bring you joy, detach from it or release it entirely.”

“Eleven can also point to a split personality or conflicting goals. This is often the result of competing parental ideologies that the child failed to navigate and integrate. Now is the time to integrate all parts of you.”

Another confirmation that the work I’m seeking does exist. I can create a joyful experience in my career, and I have some work to do around releasing the idea that work needs to be miserable and difficult. Noted.

I continued following the arrows along the intricacies of the board in front of me, and the messages kept coming through—leading me to find joy, love for my Self, reconnection to my heart, and expression of all that I am.

Moving onto the planets I was guided to Surya (the Sun), Shukra (Venus), Brihaspati (Jupiter), and Shani (Saturn). These four planets reminded me that I am the leader of my life. It’s time to step up and declare my desires and work towards my true goals and only then will I be blessed with abundance. The tenacity of Shani (Saturn) is required, and I need to put in the honest work to get to where I want to be.

Interestingly enough, in western astrology, these four planets have been in the forefront of my current reality. Transiting Saturn is currently making its way to my midheaven—which means I’m being asked to take my career more seriously, and if I don’t put in the honest work, I’m likely to feel dissatisfied throughout the next few months—on the other hand, I have an opportunity to put in the hard work and be rewarded with success.

The Shankara Oracle was completely in alignment with what I knew to be true in my mind (through my own knowledge of astrology), but it was further solidifying the knowing within my heart.

As I moved along the board to the Nakshatras, I was gently encouraged to lean into my creativity. I giggled again because I had just taken a pottery class this morning, for the first time in my life, and I had so much fun that I’m already planning to return to the creative art space. I was also reminded that I am in control of my life and which direction I choose to take, and discernment is necessary in order to stay in alignment with my true values.

Continuing to the last corners of the board, I was met with Archangel Uriel and Shiva. As soon as I saw Archangel Uriel, I felt my eyes well up with tears.

There are times where I lose faith, and Archangel Uriel reminds me that there is nothing I do not know. I (and you) hold great wisdom within. We are never without and we are held through it all—even, and especially when we forget.

I pause here, taking a few deep breaths to find that connection with my angels that I stopped nurturing in the busy-ness of life. Thanking them for holding me through my pain, being beside me in my joy, and guiding me when I’m unsure of which step to take next.

For being with me as I pressed send on one of the most important emails I could send.

For helping me to say yes to myself; to say yes to love; and to say yes to my true desires of following my heart and expanding my business.

For reminding me that I am worthy.

As recommended, after completing my session with The Shankara Oracle, I pulled a Sacred Action Card, which invited me to chant OM 21 times. I’ll be honest, I rolled my eyes because that had been the only card I had caught a glimpse of when taking them out of the box, and after shuffling and pulling it (in hopes of seeing something new) I was bummed because I wanted something more exciting.

Yes, I could’ve put it back and pretended I never saw it, but The Shankara Oracle isn’t meant to be easy. It’s not your run of the mill “love and light” oracle. It’s for those who are ready to do the deeper work.

I am committed to this process and I am committed to the deeper work (especially when it’s something I don’t want to do) because sometimes the things we don’t want to do are the things we need the most.

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I settled into a comfortable seat, closed my eyes, took a breath, and started chanting.

As I began chanting OM (speedily—because, get this over with, am I right?!). I quickly found more comfort and softened into each inhale, chanting on the exhale. By the time I reached the fourth speedy OM, my body relaxed into the feeling of vibration in my throat, moving down to my chest. I could feel the stress wash away as each OM hummed from my chest, up to my throat, and out my lips.

The inhales became extended, while the sound of OM elongated as I began to take my time, basking in each lengthy hum of the sound of my voice.

I felt my heart space release for the first time in days, and after the 21st OM, I sat with my eyes closed, basking in the silence and the flood of emotions flowing through my body, feeling my heart expand in my now open chest. I felt the love move through my body as the reminisce of those vibrations continued to move outwards from my heart.

Feeling the love wash over me, remembering that I am worthy of feeling good. I am worthy of feeling valued. And I am worthy of a healthy relationship to my work.

I now know for certain that my decision to walk away is the best decision I could’ve made for myself and for the world around me because I am a better person when I am in full alignment with my needs and desires.

As I walk away from the version of me who is scared of taking up space and asking for what she needs; I journey towards the version of me who is a successful business owner, who is proud to help others along their own journey, and who is making the world brighter as we continue to bring the darkness to light.

Before opening The Shankara Oracle, I knew in my heart that I was making the right decision in quitting my job, but in my mind I was still unsure.

The Shankara Oracle offered me the greatest gift; it has offered me connection.

It opened the pathway between my heart and my mind, creating spaciousness in my nervous system to trust and to be open to a new beginning; it bridged the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world, reconnecting me to my spirit team; and above all else, The Shankara Oracle has left me softened, confident, and ready for what comes next—whatever that may be.

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