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January 27, 2024

Can I follow spirituality by being materialistic at the same time?

Materialism and spirituality, being in complete contrast to each other, there is this common notion that a person cannot be spiritual if he’s being materialistic.

Someone to whom worldly things give a great comfort of living, for whom the materialistic things hold good significance in life as they see them to be the source of their happiness, for someone who is addicted to these luxuries and hence can’t let them go, how is it possible to follow spirituality?…. because spirituality means renouncing all comforts, do hard penance, spend a lot of time in rites and rituals – this is what many people think.

Can I follow the two things at the same time?

The answer is:- Yes, you can follow spirituality and be materialistic at the same time.

Let’s know the Science behind the worldly wealth that we seek for:-

Materialism- A Complete By-product of Our Past Lives

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an Enlightened Being, explains, “Whatever we have acquired in this life as materialistic wealth is only a by-product of our spiritual endeavours from our past life.”

This means whatever wealth and riches one is enjoying today is a result of the good deeds one has done in the past life. However, spirituality should be our main production in life; materialistic comforts are bound to follow anyways.

Soul’s Quest Into Spirituality

It’s the experience that one has gained while hunting for happiness over countless past lives, which ultimately leads to a desire for permanent happiness.

The Soul is covered with layers and layers of karmic atoms. As these coverings keep reducing, one automatically develops into a human life-form.

As a human, one gets attracted to different kinds of materialistic things. However, he soon gets bored with them, so now he hunts for another thing. This unresolving thirst is never quenched as there can never be a lasting happiness in any of the materialistic things. There is no permanent happiness in there. It is just like the food cravings that divert your inner suffering; it doesn’t mean they are a perfect antidote to your mental ailments!

An End to Hunting For Temporary Happiness

This vicious cycle of life and death breaks only when one realizes the Self (Self Realization)!

Because Soul is full of infinite bliss, it is just that one is unaware of it. Once he comes to know about his eternal Self, he experiences a never ending Eternal happiness while still continuing his worldly life. Then his craving /desire for materialistic wealth reduces automatically. There is no attraction or hate towards worldly things then. One slowly resolves their materialistic craze by seeing every situation with equanimity and thus progressing on the path to Ultimate Liberation.

This process of Self Realization is possible only through an Enlightened One’s special grace! Then, there is no charging of new karmic atoms which leads one into wandering for endless lives.

Spirituality gradually becomes our primary goal when we understand its benefits. The major benefit of Spirituality is that one doesn’t have to now beg for materialistic things in order to have some peace, as he experiences his only unending bliss!

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