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January 10, 2024

How is the human soul connected with the supreme soul?

Through the spiritual science of Akram Vignan, we can gain a deeper insight into how the Soul is one only, it is just that the stages are different.

The Soul is an eternal element. The living beings that we see in various life forms from one to five senses in the entire universe are all nothing but the different phases of the Soul.

There are six eternal elements in this world; they are everlasting. But when they revolve around each other, the phases of the element occur. And we are seeing these phases.

Phases are always temporary, and the element is always permanent.

Just like the Sun, Moon and Earth revolve around each other, and phases of the Moon is what we can see. The phases of the Moon are temporary, but the Moon is not temporary. Likewise Soul is not temporary, but human beings, animals, insects are all phases of the Soul, which are temporary.

Now, let’s discuss the human Soul.

Until the Soul is covered with veils of ignorance, it is called Jivatma. This signifies the state of ignorance the living being is in. And when all coverings shed off, the Soul is called the Supreme Soul i.e. Parmatma.

This signifies the Absolute stage of pure Soul. So, the same Soul is Jivatma until it is in the state of ignorance, and after Self-Realization, it becomes Antaratma having the knowledge of the Self, and the same Soul, up on attaining the Absolute state, the Supreme state, is called Parmatma.

So there are three stages:

  • Jeevatma – when there is no awareness of their true Self, the Soul.
  • Antaratma – when a person is awakened, Self-realised and
  • Parmatma – When one has reached the absolute or the supreme stage

The Self means ‘I’, ‘I’ means Aatma.

In the ignorant stage, we believe that ‘I am John (please insert your name here), I am husband, I am a doctor, or I am an engineer, I am a doer.’ At this stage, the human Soul is called jeevatma.

These wrong beliefs continue until you attain the Self-realisation that, ‘I am a pure Soul, separate from John’. That’s when the human Soul enters into the Antaratma stage. Here, the Soul has been awakened. After Self-realisation, the right understanding and vision sets in that, ‘I am not this name and body. I am a pure Soul’. And when all deluding karma finish, when all the wrong beliefs are destroyed, you reach the absolute stage of pure Soul. Such a human Soul is called Parmatma.

So, the same human Soul is a Jeevatma, Antaratma and Parmatma.

Just like the same person is called husband with respect to his wife, is called son with respect to his father, and is called father with respect to his son. The person is one only, it’s just that the stage differs.

Similarly, due to ignorance, the human Soul is in the stage of jeevatma, and after gaining the knowledge of who am I’, the human Soul becomes Antaratma. When we reach the absolute, full stage, then the human Soul becomes the Supreme soul, Parmatma!

From time immemorial, one has lived in illusion. The Self, the Soul is in its natural state, but there has been an illusion. This illusion in turn has multiplied infinitely which is considered a state of deep sleep. When one is awakened from this slumber, then he becomes aware of the Self. This spiritual awakening occurs through Self Realisation.

The Gnani Purush (Self-Realised one) awakens one through the speech of knowledge; the Gnan Vidhi (Self Realisation ceremony). That awakens the Self and, thereafter, the awareness of ‘I am pure Soul’ will not leave. Once the awareness sets in, then experience, awareness, and conviction will remain. The experience will continue to increase. And when 100% experience is achieved, such human Soul is the supreme Soul i.e. Parmatma!!!

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