January 17, 2024

Take Your Power Back With This Simple Mindset Hack.


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Are you unconsciously giving your power away?

Last week, I learned a mindset hack that has opened up my inner world.

Since birth, all of us have absorbed other people’s beliefs about how life works and what we deserve.

Specifically, we’ve learned the associated meanings we’re supposed to give relationships, events, situations, and circumstances. We’re told to label some things as “good” and some things as “bad” based on someone else’s experiences.

I’m about to free you from that prison.

Here’s what I invite you to do going forward: decide for yourself what meaning you give to every part of your life.

You give meaning to everything in your life automatically, usually based on something you learned.

Did something disappointing happen? I bet you gave it a negative or disempowering meaning because that’s what most of us do.

But what if you decided that that disappointment is in your favor and something better is coming? What if you said, “Oh! Here’s a direction change the Universe wants me to make. I’ll trust it and know it’s already worked out for me.”

Everything is about our self-concept—or how we see ourselves walking through the world.

Everything is about your attitude.

If something is delayed, decide it’s in your favor.

If something gets canceled, decide it’s in your favor.

If someone is annoying or rude, decide it’s in your favor.

If something wonderful happens, decide it’s in your favor.

Decide right now that everything you experience is in your favor and being worked out for you.

If you have debt, decide it’s already paid off.

If you have a problem, decide the answer is already created and you’ll bump right into it.

If you’re experiencing self-doubt, decide you already know what to do and you have spiritual support.

You give meaning to everything in your life, so make sure the meaning is always in your favor!

If something in your life feels stuck or frustrating, give it a new meaning.

If something in your life feels heavy or impossible, give it a new meaning.

If your relationships feel burdensome, give them a new meaning.

Take your power back and know what you believe about yourself will always come true for you.

The Universe mirrors back to us our deepest beliefs about ourselves and life.

Decide you’re powerful and you call the shots with what everything means in your life.


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