March 31, 2024

I Waited for You. {A video by Kelsey of our love & my meeting her little one}

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Johnny Flynn, the soundtrack of our love.

Will you search through the loamy earth for me?Climb through the briar and brambleI’ll be your treasure

I felt the touch of the kings and the breath of the windI knew the call of all the song birdsThey sang all the wrong wordsI’m waiting for youI’m waiting for you

Will you swim through the briny sea for me?Roll along the ocean’s floor?I’ll be your treasure

I’m with the ghosts of the men who can never sing againThere’s a place, follow meWhere a love lost at seaIs waiting for youIs waiting for you

~ Johnny Flynn

I waited for you. It never quite felt right as the flag rose up the flagpole, it never reached the tippity-top, even if I wanted it to. Then you happened, and we each reach out every single time with respect and adoration—

—sweetness that she gave to me, as the song goes, and that I return heartily and promptly…and vice versa. And we brave sensitivity in any miscommunications. That’s a craft that will sail us through the stormy waters of all relationships. Blow the wind and come the rain, come what may:

And now the songs and the dreams and the lonelinesses and the many good past relationships that didn’t quite make sense for either of us…they’ve led us here, now.


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