June 10, 2024

Capricorn Full Moon: Embodied Wisdom. {June 21}

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We are at the halfway mark of 2024, ever walking and treading between worlds of spirit and form, between seasonal shifts of summer shining in the Northern hemisphere and winter heralding in the Southern, between the first half of 2024 and the latter.

Time has sped up, it seems, as each year passes and the sun travels around the full scope of the zodiac wheel. We track these archetypal energies to understand the cosmology and interconnectedness of all that is, to know the structure of the unseen, as if that wasn’t a paradox in and of itself. To give life and tangibility to the intangible and merely perceived, sensed, and felt.

We have been in a time of the messenger. Of Gemini season. High activity. Fast, quick, amplified communication. Moving, moving, moving. Perhaps some spinning out into frenzy, overwhelm, and anxiety at times, too, with so much fast moving air energy.

We have had so many planets in Gemini, especially on that new moon in Gemini on June 6 where we had the sun, moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter all hanging out in the mutable air sign. Jupiter has newly been in Gemini and will be there for the next year, amplifying our ideas and communication and expanding our minds into newer possibilities. Lots of growth will be had in the mind sectors, allowing us to shift into newer, higher vibrational thoughtforms if we so choose. Information will be expanding. We will want to do it all, and yet we may not have the grounded energy to solidify the plans and capitalize on all opportunities. So choose wisely where to invest your time and energy over this next year. Let your mind expand and believe in the new more than the outdated models of the old.

This Gemini new moon was busy. Busy in the mind. Busy in the relational sectors. Busy in the day-to-day lives of many of us. But it was also a fresh start. Beautifully conjunct Venus in Gemini, it was a launching pad for new relationships. We quite literally might have met someone new on or near June 6. The energy felt fresh, deeply soul-aligned, and karmic. Almost as if we were receiving gifts for a job well done in tending to our relational healing and wounds over these last few years, especially with the last Venus retrograde last year.

We are up-leveling in so many ways. And the energy just keeps amplifying. So much new energy is here for us combined with all the solar flares we’ve had, igniting our light bodies and energy systems.

It could feel exciting. Thrilling. Adventuresome. Spontaneous. Giving us a boost of variety, fun, play, sharing in dialogue, and curious exploration with others. Gemini energy is the twins. Duality. Mirroring the other. How funny and strange when we stumble across a twin like soul energy and begin to truly see and understand the power of attraction and alignment to what it is we truly desire in partnership.

Gemini season has set so much energy in motion with little to ground it fully in. And we know by now that without structure and boundaries, or containment of the energy, things float away and dissolve back into particulates without any solid form or matter to hold it. So we must bring the foundation. The containment. The boring, old boundaries. We can have all the fun, play, and exploration in the world, but without boundaries, we risk losing our footing and sense of our purpose, integrity, and own energy sourcing. It’s never so black and white, of course, but only we will know when we need to resurrect boundaries to keep us safe and connected to ourselves first and foremost. Without healthy, semi-permeable boundaries, we become too porous, too open, too weakened to outside energies, now a victim to another’s shifting energy or the state of the collective.

We are shifting now into the energy of Cancer, as the sun moves into the cardinal water sign on June 20, the same day as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. The energy is changing as it always does this time of year, a soft, sensitive, vulnerable shift into the home of the crab, the nurturing, compassionate, caring mother energy within the self.

Cancer energy is fluid. And it is initiatory. Cancer is the tides of the ocean, the rising and the falling of emotion. The stirring of ancestral wisdom and wounding. The connection to family and the home. To our felt sense of safety and security in this world. The homes we build to hold us in the physical structures that we eat, sleep, and care for ourselves in, or in our bodily home.

Cancer energy connects us deeply to the feels, to the wounds around our family units. And to our intuition and psychic awareness, of knowing what we know by feeling and sensing into the truth of the matter. Cancer energy can be guarded and protective, craving to find security and safety in this ever-changing world of relationships and worldly shifts. It is a time to self-nurture. To care for the self with so much love and compassion for the human experience and the journey we’ve been on. Because it’s sure been a journey and then some for many of us.

We are all shifting and changing so fast. Cancer asks us to slow down, tune in, connect back to the heart and sense what’s there. Are there any old hurts needing to be grieved, witnessed, and let go of? We must honor the grief as best we can even if we don’t always understand its source or why it’s even there.

Life is a grieving and letting go. A letting in and a receiving. But first we must let go. Be willing and brave enough to feel the vulnerability of letting go. Letting go of a relationship, an outdated pattern, a habit, a job, a way of thinking and operating. Letting go of a previous identity of self. We are feeling the push and encouragement lately to shed the old energies of the past. We can’t keep holding on, as much as Cancer is attached to the past. We must let go and end ties and connections to the old energies if we are truly devoted to becoming the new version of self.

This can bring up so much grief, fear, and swimming deeply in the unknown waters of life. We will want to grasp onto something, anything, anyone just to feel a semblance of safe. But we must keep holding ourselves as best we can, sacredly, tenderly, gently, lovingly. Even when we are feeling off—especially then.

Our bodies are receiving so many upgrades. Our sleep schedules may be fluctuating drastically. The mind can spin into worry of what it all means and worry about our safety and care. How loving it is for this part of self to be so worried about our needs being met. To work overtime thinking over and checking all the many boxes of future planning to make sure our needs our met. But this is not trust. This is a part of self that learned to distrust life, and rightfully so.

We may have learned from our own born-in families that life was to be controlled. Mapped out to a T. Hyper-fixated on every stinking detail. Control is not love. Control is fear based operation. So we must keep learning a new way. Of deeper trust. Even when we don’t get the eight hours of sleep. Even when we are holding deep grief with unknown source. Even when new energy is here and we worry that the past is going to repeat itself and old hurts will become recycled new hurts. Because we are daring to live again. We are daring to love again. We are daring to be seen again. And that’s f*cking scary for those parts that worry and fear rejection as truth of worthiness and value.

So we must reparent these parts of self with so much love and tenderness. To let them know, “I see you. You are safe to be seen here. I care for you. I hear you. I understand how deeply you hurt. How painful all those many heartbreaks were. How much love you carry still. How fragile you feel. I am here with you. I am keeping you safe. You are safe in my arms now. I will protect you.”

It is a deep soul journey we are all on to work to integrate the many layers of self, of the past and of the newer healed self. It’s a journey we all signed up for, whether we know it to be true or not or want to deny our soul path.

We have been embodying a newer, truer, more authentic, and expanded-in-love sense of self, aligning deeply with the soul energy. Yet the constricted sense of self lingers and flares at times, tied to fear, family wounding and patterns of control based on fear, lack, and scarcity. How do we create new ties with families of origin based on our newer expanded version of self? Many of us have separated ourselves from our born-in families for this reason. To become who we needed to be but never fully could with so much control and constriction.

Of course, the external becomes internal. The internal family systems we adopt from our families. The protectors, the exiled parts, the firefighters. Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a model that heals the wounds and shards of these traumas, bringing to light internally and in our inner awareness field all aspects of self that didn’t know they were safe now and have them be held by an adult, caretaking version of self called us. And we are learning now how to better love, care, and support them. It’s never about getting rid of parts of self but a deeper embrace and acceptance of self in the holding, witnessing, and repatterning. This is the most sacred of work we all must do internally. And that is Cancer energy. The deep plunge into the emotional waters to feel and honor what’s there.

We will be juxtaposing this energy of water with its counterpart of grounded, practical earth energy with the upcoming full moon in Capricorn on June 21 at 9:08 p.m. EST. This full moon will be landing at 1 degree of the fellow cardinal sign. An initiatory energy while simultaneously an ending and letting go.

Capricorn energy is here to ground us back into reality after all this air and water energy moving and swirling about. Capricorn energy is work focused, duty minded, structure savvy, and boundary abiding. Capricorn is serious about us doing what needs to be done to become the embodied, wise souls we already know and can sense is true. To bring the energy of ascension into the deep embodiment of that wisdom and aligning with our core truths and integrity. Capricorn energy is ruled and governed by Saturn. Saturn is disciplined. Karmic. Seeks structure. Accountability. Responsibility.

We must be even more deeply and sacredly responsible for our energy. Because we are becoming the sacred soul pyramids running the energy of heaven and earth. We are becoming soul responsible for the energy of God, Goddess, divine incarnate energy. It’s the most sacred duty and responsibility and we have to care for our energy systems and bodies, tend to our energy fields and clean up what needs to be cleaned up, and take radical responsibility for our part in things. Our energy depends on it.

This can bring a serious overtone to things. But Saturn loves us so much he’s willing to limit, restrict, and remind us of the inner discipline. And it need not be in a controlling way. Discipline can be devotion. Boundaries can be sacred protection of soul energy. What are we committed to? Who are we committed to? Are we truly committed to the soul path and higher evolution of self if we are still dabbling in energies of lower vibration?

Capricorn energy can bring the heavy hand, father energy. And many of us may have not had loving, present, or attentive fathers in our own lives. Father energy can bring up a lot for many of us. Where we never felt truly held, seen, loved, witnessed, and protected by the father. We seek now to heal and embody an inner father that cares so deeply for us it’s willing to say no in the name of higher love and devotion of self. “No” can be the most loving thing to say. “No” can hold us when a “yes” may overspill our energy and leak us out into places of parasitical quality. Boundaries are needed and many of us have learned that deeply these last few years through the not having or upholding of our own energetic boundaries.

Forgiveness of self for the times and lessons we needed to learn to know now how to better hold and support ourselves is needed. This full moon is a welcomed grounded energy to bring us deeper into our embodied wisdom. To truly walk the talk. To speak the words and align action with them. This is soul integrity. This is Capricorn wisdom.

At 1 degree of Capricorn, we are in the new beginnings of structure building. Be patient with yourself as you build the long-lasting structures of home, relationship, and career to better hold and support your more expanded sense of self now.

During this full moon illumination, the sun in Cancer will be conjunct Mercury and Venus, both in Cancer. Our hearts and minds connect here to our relationships. Are we aligned in heart and mind with what it is we want and need in our relationships? Are we speaking and communicating from the heart what it is we truly want and need in relationship to feel safe and secure? Are we willing to be vulnerable enough to let ourselves speak our heart’s deepest longings and truths even if another can’t meet them? Nurturing energy is present here. Compassion and care for our hearts, as they continue to feel, unwind, and heal old hurts.

Be so gentle with the self unlearning that it needed to guard itself against life and love. Open as slowly as your nervous system feels safe and supported to do so to love. Build the foundation of trust in self and let that ripple out into your relationships and communications with others. Because you absolutely can trust yourself now.

On June 29, Saturn (the ruler of this moon) will station retrograde until November 15. A time to restructure anything that won’t sustain us for the long haul. A time to take deeper responsibility for our energy and put in the work and discipline to reach our goals. To slow down and take the time we need to embody our deep soul wisdom. To clean up any old karma still lingering in our field. To set the boundaries we need with self or other to truly honor the soul and self we are now and becoming still.

Saturn in Pisces still reminds us of the dreams and visions we have been holding and cultivating. Are we working toward them and creating structures that support those dreams, or are we letting fear of failure or unworthiness hold us back? Or creating limitation of time as reason we can’t go after our dreams? Saturn rules time. And yes, we do have limited time here, so we must get to work as our energy allows, of course.

Neptune will also station retrograde later on July 2, a dreamy time of inner vision drawing more deeply inward. Connecting us to our dreamscapes and inner visions. What is it we seek to create to bring our soul’s vision to life?

This full moon is serious, but steady. Slow, but goal-oriented. A beginning and an ending. It’s time to restructure anything outdated and old. It’s been time. And it will always be time. Because the time is now. Truly the only time we have is now. So we must take action to build the foundations that will support us for the long haul. Slow and steady we climb up, up, up to the top of the mountain. What mountains have we climbed recently? These last few years? So often we forget to celebrate the wins, the successes, the goals achieved, the lessons gleamed. Can you truly see how far you’ve already come? Celebrate that and celebrate it some more. We have grown so profoundly and deeply.

Allow this full moon to honor your path and soul unfolding. To witness yourself and your growth with awe, pride, and wonder. Because many of us never thought we’d make it this far. But we did and we are seeing the fruits of our inner labors toward healing. Even if nothing is guaranteed, we have deeper soul trust in self. Let this full moon hold you in deep masculine containment for the feminine energy you contain. And we all contain it. Both masculine and feminine is needed. Doing and being. Giving and receiving. Action and rest. Force and flow. Let yourself be both. Water and earth. Mother (Cancer) and father (Capricorn). Let your multidimensional self remind you that you are vast enough to hold it all; the very fabric of the universe is within you.

Let this full moon hold your grief rising. Your emotions churning. Your vulnerabilities and fears speaking loudly as you dare to boldly leap into the new and open your heart again to life and love. Let the inner father remind you how safe your heart truly is. How loved it is. How cherished it is. For being exactly how it is. Let this full moon be a coming home. To self. To the heart. To all of you. Let. The. Heart. Open. And. Expand. As. Deeply. As. The. Contraction. Hold your heart. Hold yourself. Let yourself be held. As. You. Are. Soul. Embodied. Heart. Aligning. Wisdom. Let it all be enough. You. Are. Enough. As. You. Are. Let it be so.

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