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February 22, 2018
Sonia Greer
1 Heart it! 155

What is healing? First and foremost, it’s a personal perception. Some believe we are divine beings and we are healed. Some believe they are in a constant need to be healed. Some are just trying to get by and figure it out! Some believe in energy healing, some absolutely don’t. And then, some are trying to figure out what this broad concept of ‘Energy’ even means, whilst others think it’s all witchy.

Healing is a journey through the self, back to your true self. It’s a process of unlearning everything, to get to know, understand and choose who you truly are. It’s a conscious shift into consciousness. It’s an understanding of how energies work and how the Universe functions. And for most people, process of believing is far too complex.

However, some of us can’t ignore that feeling of knowing there is more than the world we see. Those are, or have been, pulled into this elevation of consciousness and we have been called to rise as light workers and awaken others. That process of Ascension and fulfilling your soul mission as a healer can only happen once you have healed yourself.

I think once you find spiritual balance and treat your body well and have mastered quieting the mind and your ego – and can stay there – you are healed. This is true healing which some have successfully reached. Because we’re humans, and beautifully messy, we can’t always be on that high vibe. So for most, healing is an ever-going journey which, sometimes, requires assistance.

There are many different ways of healing across our world and I think all agree on healing being on on a spiritual level that encompasses the mind, body and soul. Healers believe in all these forms of treatment whether it’s yoga, reiki, angel healing, shamanism, etc… it’s all the same and comes back to connecting to the Source and channeling light to restore balance.

As an energy therapist, I have found that the most successful way to heal is a process of consciously erasing everything we have been told and taught.

I was told as a child that I had no imagination and grew up believing that, until my husband looked at me in disbelief and proved me I am one of the most creative individuals he knows.

If you ask for help on a Universal level and take a step into healing your body, then spiritual healing comes knocking on the door. If you start through a spiritual process, then you realize how your body becomes more sensitive and needs more self-care. The synchronicity is mesmerizing. The magical beauty of the Universe showing you that, as soon as you take a step in the direction of elevation, the domino effect keeps you guided, protected and keeps the ‘great stuff’ coming. What you believe is what you see, believe and watch it happen.

For most of us, the biggest challenge is self-worth. It’s not that we can’t manifest or use the law of attraction; it’s that we are convinced, deep down, we’re not worth it. We need to get to the root cause of why we think that, resolve it, forgive, and rebuild new foundations of self-love and self-worth. And then the supply becomes endless. That is why my healing program is dedicated to not just an energy therapy treatment but a deeper work to achieve a state of true love for oneself. If you don’t think you’re awesome, nobody will!

My dream is to help people figure all of this out. I treat and guide people into understanding what energies are and how to be positive and love yourself and attract success and abundance using energy therapy, reiki, angel healing and soon yoga. I’d love to be able to inspire others to want to do the same and help too. I’d love to teach a new way of living through elevating their vibration. I would love to get people to a place of contentment. Not even happiness, but being in ever grateful mindset. Unlimited supply of gratitude for their lives, their ups, their downs and understanding that in their obstacles lie their most precious treasures: the ones that make you grow, heal more, dig deeper, elevate higher.

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1 Heart it! Sonia Greer 155
1 Heart it! 155

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